This is a follow-up to “Obsession”:

A couple days ago I came to grips with the fact that I cannot judge Spin. He’s done some terrible things to me, but I still have no right to judge him. Who am I to say that he’s a bad guy? I am just as human as he is. It just seems like he’s got a sex addiction, and many of his friends would agree. From another perspective he could very well be just as much a victim as much as I saw him as malicious.

“Bros before hos” and “Leave her better than you found her…” Those were our hard and fast rules in the Attraction Theory group, but it’s impossible to be completely objective in interpreting those guidelines by their very nature.

To become a man I must face my shadow side. I have to address all my inner demons in order to fulfill my purpose as a man. I’m going to hold a workshop in California on January in 2009, and I’m going to ask him to be a guest speaker. He’s got a wealth of knowledge and experience to share …and I can finally forgive him.

Coincidentally, Spin called me tonight. And he apologized sincerely for the events of long ago. It seems as though he’s been doing a lot of thinking and he seems to have matured further than I had expected him to. I’m going to speak to him tomorrow night to get right down to business about the workshop. We’re moving forward and letting bygones be bygones.

Truly forgiving someone for their trespasses against you is as hard as forgiving yourself. At the same time, it’s so easy if you can just let go of the all the falseness in life that your ego creates… if you just let yourself forgive.

Explore compassion. Compassion liberates.

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