introduction-handshakeHey, everyone!

I’m Michael Chief, otherwise known as just “Chief” in the pickup artist community.

What is the pickup artist (PUA) community? Also known as the Seduction community, it’s a global subculture generally consisting of men who share information about dating, women, attraction, seduction, etc.

Someone who’s been a member of this community for a very long time is usually referred to as a “community veteran,” and that’s what I am. I’ve studied and practiced nearly everything related to dating and seduction since 2003, so I’m very familiar with all of the things that the so-called master pickup artists teach as well as the minds women. I can tell you all the things that work and also all of the things that don’t exactly work as advertised, as well as the teachings that are actually harmful!

Although I freely use the term “pickup artist” or “PUA” to describe myself, I don’t really like associating myself with some of the things that a lot of pickup artists do. I don’t think seduction should be treated like a sport where you use women like target practice. I like to use the term pickup artist because I believe it stands for an artful practice. I see seduction as an art in the sense that a pickup artist is someone who expresses himself artistically through the medium of intersexual communication to connect with women one-on-one, much like how a musician expresses himself artistically through the medium of melodious communication to connect with his audience in a live performance. A “player” loves only himself and freely uses women like toys, but I don’t play people. A pickup artist, on the other hand, loves women as much as he loves himself (if not more) and always seeks to better himself and his relationships.

I can tell you about a lot of fun adventures I’ve had, and I can teach you an endless slew of tips and tricks to seduce beautiful women, but at the end of the day what I really want to do is to give you the opportunity to love women truly and fully… because a woman is most beautiful when she is loved, and making the world a more beautiful place is definitely a goal worth pursuing. 🙂

Community Experience

The following are some notable things I have done related to the PUA community:

  • Former instructor for PUA Training, a large and global company that teaches pickup.
  • Former moderator for Vin DiCarlo‘s public online forum (no longer existing).
  • Former leader of the New Orleans PUA lair.
  • Current senior moderator for MPUAForum.com, one of the largest and most popular online pickup forums.
  • Current writer for TheMaleInsider.com, a blog about advice for men.
  • I have personally held 3 pickup workshops in the US.
  • Most importantly, former lover of many wonderful women and current lover of the most wonderful woman of all.

Why I Started This Website

I’ve always wanted to help other people. I know I had a really tough time when I was starting out in all of these seduction-related disciplines, and I want other people to have a better opportunity to skip all of the BS that I went through. I waded through tons and tons of useless information and methods from various PUAs that didn’t suit me or just plain didn’t work.


It started off with just me and blog that I used to post my thoughts, but I decided to expand it into something bigger to offer more value to people. I want my words to reach the eyes and ears of as many people as possible, to show people a better path to the personal success that they’re looking for. I hope this website will help me change at least one person’s life for the better.