What Would You Rate This Woman?

What Would You Rate This Woman?

There’s been a series of images trending lately featuring several porn stars with and without makeup. I heard about it the other day over on Chris Shepard’s blog and, though this hasn’t been the first time I’ve seen a series of shocking images of women with and without makeup, seeing these sorts of images again really drilled into my head the fact that the perception of beauty in modern society is based on a bunch of delusions.

A lot of regular guys like to rate women on their looks on a scale of one to ten. Too many of these guys, especially pickup artists, assign a number onto a woman like its her identity. They think of this number as a reliable static characteristic. They see a woman like this and call her a ten:


…without even thinking that she could possibly look this this without makeup:



Yes, those two pictures are in fact of the same woman. However, the same guys who called this woman a ten with makeup might say that the woman in the second picture is a six or a seven or some shit like that. The truth is, any woman can “trick” you into believing that she’s a hundred times prettier than she actually is. All it takes is some cosmetics.

This is one of many reasons I don’t like using the 1-10 rating scale to rate women. It’s a common practice for PUAs to refer to women as “HB8” or “HB10,” depending on how attractive they look, but I just hate using those unreliable numbers.

We all remember Jenna Marbles and the video that launched her into web-celebrity status, right?



As she rick-rolls you, Jenna shows you that any woman can hack a common man’s rating scale with makeup like a Republican CEO giving the middle finger to the American tax system with capital investment tax loopholes. Your rating scale is a broken system. It’s a joke. It’s meaningless.

Some pickup artists like myself prefer to use a binary system to rate women on their looks: “Yes” or “No.”

“Yes” means, “Yes, I am attracted to her.”

“No” means, “No, I am not attracted to her.”

It’s as simple as that.

The common man, however, likes to complicate things with his ego. He wants the world to know that the woman he slept with last night is hotter than the woman you slept with last night. He wants to feel like he’s better than you. He wants to make it clear that his girl is an HB10 or an HB9 while the girlfriend of that other PUA is just an HB7.

What a load of bullshit.

While it’s true that, to a point, men’s taste in women’s looks are limited and that every man will agree that Megan Fox is hot as hell, the fact of the matter remains that tastes are still varied. What I think of as an HB10 might be your HB5, and what you think of as an HB10 might be an HB5 to me.

If you date a woman who you find to be absolutely gorgeous, shouldn’t that be enough? What if your friend tells you, “she’s just an HB6!” Would that piss you off? Because that’s some bullshit right there.

The 1-10 rating scale is a tool used by men to mentally masturbate their own egos, disguised as a tool that’s meant to communicate some sort of hotness consensus. It’s pointless.

The next time you see an attractive woman, free yourself from this mental cage and just let yourself be attracted to her without the numbers. If you do that, you’ll be one step closer to becoming a great seducer who lives in the moment. It’ll be easier to feel inspired by beauty, and to use that inspiration to your advantage.

I’ll tell you more about how to use that to your advantage later. Keep an eye on this blog!



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  1. Very true, great points. This is why I am generally not into girls that wear tons of makeup, especially heavy duty mascara and eye shadow, lol.

    Either she gets you hard, or she doesn’t. It’s quite simple. Who cares what other guys think.

    Personally, I think the blonde woman in the article looks great in both pictures. They are just VERY different looks. I also think Jenna Marbles is beautiful with or without makeup.

    I’ve known guys who just could not let go of this ego-centric “oh, she’s ok…” bullshit (when you know she’s pretty), and it’s just pathetic. Ego and all these weird superiority/ inferiority complexes are probably one of the greatest obstacles to guys having great sexual relationships.

  2. I agree every mans scale for women are different. Some like tall brunettes and others like short blondes so you can never get the “right” one.

    Fun read!

  3. Rick Sander says:

    That woman is def not a six in the second. She’s a ten. Period.

  4. Great seducer? lol LOL She is definatly better in the second pic. Men are so …..wonderful. Its great that even the “nice” guy in the scenario is a douche 😉

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