The Movie Date

The Movie Date

Ah, the classic “movie date,” the most infamous and hated type of Day 2 in the community. Seeing a movie in a theater is often referred to by PUAs as the worst date idea ever.

OK, we all know why a movie date can be a terrible idea, so I’m not going to get into that. However, we also know that rules can be broken.

I went to high school in a boring city where a lot of old and rich people live. There’s never anything exciting going on, and it costs a lot of money to do anything remotely fun. Unfortunately, one of the most exciting date ideas in this city is watching a movie. As a young practitioner of pickup, I was forced to hone my “movie date” game. Yes, now I can work movie dates just fine, and I’m here to tell you exactly how you can make a movie date awesome.

To say, “Watching a movie is a terrible date idea” is a limiting belief. I was having a conversation with a random girl one day and I asked her what her favorite date was like. She went on to describe a movie date she once had! She told me that it wasn’t the date that made her date experience an excellent one, it was the guy she was out with. He was obviously a guy who could evoke strong emotions within her, thus making her feel attraction for him. Then, I thought to myself, “Hey, wait a minute! I know how to do that! I know PUA shit!” This realization gave me the confidence to be able to have a really fun date no matter what the setting.

This realization of mine took some prerequisite knowledge and skill, though:

  1. Knowing the difference between situational confidence and core confidence.
  2. Being able to express my core freely without being stifled.
  3. Having solid post-isolation game.
  4. The secret of self-amusement.

Knowing the difference between situational confidence and core confidence.

I learned this one through RSD’s Blueprint De-Coded program. Situational confidence is confidence you gain from being in a familiar situation that you are comfortable with, such as your workplace if you are the boss, the bar if you are a bartender, the dance floor if you’re Michael Jackson, or the basketball court if you’re Michael Jordan.

Core confidence, however, is something that the best Natural PUAs have. No matter what the situation they are in, even if it’s a place he’s never been before, he’s still glowing with confidence. He’s confident about any situation because he’s confident about himself. He understands that he is not his situation. He knows that he is the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world (watch Fight Club) and he loves it.

Being able to express my core freely without being stifled

I first learned this one through Vin DiCarlo’s “The Attraction Code” ebook. His “4EP Model” for Natural Game as described in his ebook helped me fully realize how I should express myself, which is without shame. Basically, I think the main thing to take away from this is “honesty is the best policy.” The Blueprint De-Coded program also goes into these same Natural Game concepts very in-depth.

Pickup is an art, and art is something you use to express what’s inside of you, so fucking express yourself and don’t hold back.

Having solid post-isolation game

Take out factors like AMOGs, obstacles, meta-game, and other shit like that and you’ve got a pretty simple and straightforward game. After isolation, it’s just you and her. You don’t have to worry about all that other crap that usually gets in the way. A date or day 2 is basically a huge chunk of isolation time.

The secret of self-amusement

If you’ve ever had anyone tell you that you’re easily amused, you already have this down. Being good at self-amusement means that you’re able to take any situation and make it fun for you. When you’re on a date or day 2 with a woman, you should be determining the frame simply by having a stronger frame. Once you do that, any emotion that YOU feel is going to be highly contagious to her. That means if YOU are having fun, SHE will be having fun.

Now that we have that shit covered, let’s get back to the actual date…

As a general rule of thumb, I always bounce to several different locations during a date, and I always start at a coffee shop. Drinking coffee at the start of a date will energize both you and her so you can both be ready for a fun time. The caffeine intake also promotes the release of dopamine, which scientists have found to be associated with good feelings like love and infatuation. Going to several different locations is an old trick used by Mystery to create a time distortion. She’ll feel like she’s spent more time with you because she has more experiences with you (locations she’s been to with you) to look back on. Let’s say you meet up for coffee, bounce to the park to people-watch, bounce to your place for a moment to get your hat or whatever, bounce to the convenience store to look at magazines and make fun of the celebrities in them, bounce to grab some grub at wherever (really doesn’t matter where and what you eat), then bounce to the movie theater to watch the movie you both want to see. This is just a rough outline, by the way. Don’t try to follow it step by step. Mix and match as you please. Before you do any of that stuff, though, be sure to have your logistics planned out nicely. More on that later.

All throughout your day 2, you should be running whatever game you’ve got with light kino. Save the heavy stuff for later.

Yes, movie dates cost money. Get over it and dish out the ticket fee unless you have connections that allow you to watch movies in the theater for free. Don’t feel obliged to pay for your date’s ticket. You can do it out of the kindness of your heart, but be sure to frame it properly if you do. You want to frame it as though you are doing it just to be generous, but NOT supplicating or expecting anything in return. In fact, you can even say outright, “The thing I hate about paying for girls is that sometimes it makes them feel like they owe me something. I’m going to pay for your ticket, but don’t feel like you owe me anything.” I did that once, but the girl still felt like she owed me something (lol) so she bought me some ice cream inside. It was nice. It was pistachio flavored. I thought it would be mint, though, since it was green. Don’t judge an ice cream by it’s color.

I recommend picking out a comedy to watch. If you and her are sharing laughs, her BT is going up and she’s associating positive feelings with being with you.

Don’t bother with getting popcorn or soda before the film. Completely unnecessary and overpriced. It can also get in the way of gaming her in the theater. You should both be satiated from the grub you grabbed before the movie, anyway.

Once you enter the theater, find a pair of seats where the arm rest between them can be lifted and tucked away. Lead her and pick the seats. Assume she will follow and she will follow. Then, sit down and lift that arm rest to tuck it away immediately. This is your SOI. Actions speak louder than words. You will be kino escalating throughout the movie and she knows this by your SOI here. If you’ve been running decent game (*cough*being yourself*cough*) before you got to the theater, she will comply every step of the way.

As the beginning advertisements and previews for upcoming films are rolling, continue running game as normal. Talk as much as you want. Other people around you should not be annoyed because the movie’s not actually playing. If some douchebag actually gets annoyed and gives you shit, punch him in the face. I mean, tell him to shut the fuck up. I mean… oh whatever. It’s never happened to me so just don’t expect it to happen. It would make no sense for anyone to want to actually quietly focus on some fucking advertisements.

Yes, put your arm around her. As cheesy of a move this is, it’s a necessary one. You can do this ANY time you want. Just don’t make a big deal out of it. As long as you feel casual, it’ll be fine. Assume the frame of “This is a movie date. OF COURSE we are going to be physically close and touching like this, DUH!” Don’t say that out loud, though… unless that’s something you would actually say while you were being yourself.

Continue talking to her during the movie, but this time whisper in her ear. I usually just make funny comments that relate to what we’re seeing on the big screen to elicit some giggles or whatever, but you can tease her and stuff too if you want. Kino escalate slowly and smoothly, triangular gaze if you make eye contact, and get in sexual state. Save the make out for the credits. Use the actual movie time to build up the anticipation for it.

Let’s say you already stopped by your place before the movie (maybe to get your hat or ANYTHING, basically). She’s already comfortable with being at your place because of that. After the movie, pull her back to your place. I usually use my Tarot cards for plausible deniability. I could also use my guitar, a youtube video, some music that I want her to check out, or basically ANYTHING. Mystery covers this in his method, but be sure to mention your plausible deniability early on so the transition from the theater to your place is smooth. Have these logistics planned out ahead of time.

Once you and her are at the “seduction location,” kino escalate further or just go caveman. Just do whatever you normally do at this stage (as long as it works lol). Don’t forget to wrap your tool, tiger.


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