Recovering From Forbidden Patterns

Recovering From Forbidden Patterns

First of all, I would like to apologize for something.

Last month, I said that I would be releasing a pickup training program for introverts within September.

Well, it’s taking a little longer than I thought, but it will be up and running and available a little later THIS month. Please be patient, guys! Good things come to those who wait. I’m spending a lot of my efforts into quality control for this thing because it will be my baby, my pride and joy.

In other news, I received a rather unfortunate message today from a distressed woman who has fallen victim to a selfish, inconsiderate, and immoral asshole:

Hi Chief,

I am a married woman and I have a feeling that a new friend of mine has been using forbidden patterns on me. I am pretty sure that he has used (pattern name redacted). I am from (location withheld for privacy) and my sexual experience with men is limited, to say the least, and I did tell him that I was married. I am not sure what to do about this situation. I noticed you were shutting down discussions on forbidden patterns on a forum so I figured you were the right person to get some advice from.

It’s been a weird summer, and I am not in the habit of being attracted to or unable to stop thinking about men who I don’t know. I created a physical distance from him as soon as I felt awkward but I had a very panicky summer riddled with reliving childhood trauma, paranoia ect. I am generally a ridiculously controlled and disciplined person and my mind has been all over the place. Any advice would be appreciated!


(Name withheld for privacy)

I bet some of you reading this won’t feel any sympathy for this poor woman. I bet some of you are cheering for the douchebag who used a forbidden pattern on her. Well, fuck you guys. This woman was an innocent bystander when, all of a sudden, some egotistically desperate nerd comes along with a dangerous weapon and he doesn’t even fully understand how he can negatively affect other people’s lives with that big plastic dick he’s swinging around.

Forbidden patterns aren’t fucking superpowers for PUAs. There’s always a price to pay but, in this case, the other person pays the price while you’re left with being responsible for affecting another human being so strongly. It makes you feel disgusting if you aren’t a goddamn sociopath. Forbidden patterns involve eliciting trauma and other deeply negative shit.

And you have no fucking idea on how to tread in that territory, so don’t even think about it.

Imagine a couple young, naive children playing in a house when all of a sudden one of the young boys finds a loaded gun. First of all, fuck the parent who left a loaded gun lying around the house where a child could find it (that’s why we forum moderators on MPUA Forum ban the discussion of forbidden patterns). Now imagine what’s going through that child’s mind when he decides to play with that gun by shooting the other kid. He’s ignorant and immature by nature. He doesn’t understand the severity of his actions and the potential danger of using the tool in his hands. But he still shoots the gun anyway because it makes him feel good since he doesn’t understand the consequences that can follow.

People who use forbidden patterns = that young kid who shoots his friend. No pickup artist is professionally adept enough at dealing with trauma to use forbidden patterns “properly.” The use of trauma to make yourself a relief from it is unethical by nature. At least guns can be used to protect a family.

No one fucking needs to elicit trauma and other negative shit to seduce women, anyway. It’s not necessary by any means under any circumstance. Most of the time it’s just a simple matter of being sexual and finding the right time and place for physical intimacy, and even if you’re butt-ugly that shit can work just as easily as long as you change your limiting beliefs. Fuck all that weird forbidden pattern bullshit.

Anyway, I didn’t want to assume this woman’s intentions, so I left my reply a bit open-ended for her (at the end, at least):

Is there any way you can relieve yourself of any sexual tension and frustration through sex with your husband?

One concept from the pickup artist community is called “Buying Temperature.” When a pickup artist causes spikes of emotional arousal in a woman, it is said that he is raising her Buying Temperature, or BT for short. BT can be “stolen” by another man if he swoops in at the right time, taking advantage of the previous man’s work and reaping the rewards for himself. Based on this principle I am assuming you can “give” your BT to your husband if it is your goal to stay faithful.

If that is your goal, I recommend closing your eyes while trying to focus intensely on that feeling of sexual tension and associating those feelings to your husband by simultaneously imagining all of moments you enjoyed with your husband while feeling those strong sexual urges.

Some time after having sex with your husband, take a moment to try and associate boring feelings to the guy who ran the forbidden patterns on you. Your best bet, however, is to internally resolve all of the childhood trauma and paranoia that your “friend” caused you to relive. Make peace in your own mind.

Forbidden patterns are all about convincing the other person that the user of the pattern is a good-feeling relief from the deep-seeded negative feelings like trauma. Cut the association and rewire those links to something better or resolve the internal issues altogether.

However, if you are unsure that you wish to remain faithful to your husband, ignore everything I’ve said and take some time reflecting on what you really want independent of this new man you have met. Ask yourself a series of questions involving your current situation without taking any encounters you’ve had with your friend into account.

I don’t want to assume that this woman’s marriage is even what she really wants. I don’t know her and I don’t know where she’s been. But what I can safely assume is fuck that guy who used the forbidden pattern.


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  1. That’s downright pschopathic behavior to use trauma for pickups. Having been a victim of trauma myself I can kind of relate to that feeling of people pressing buttons you don’t want pressed.

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