Passion for pickup

Passion for pickup

I’ve got some exciting news!

Brad sold to Richard La Ruina, aka Gambler, of PUA Training. We’ve got a lot of new things planned for the future of PUAF with the new leadership. Mr. La Ruina has also made me a Site Administrator, and I’ve already set a lot of things in motion to make the forum better and higher-quality.

I also recorded an interview I did with a natural today and it shall be available on the website shortly.

Anyway, I was having a conversation with one of my pledge brothers today and he was asking me why I do this whole pickup thing.

I remember when I first started liking girls. I was really young – second grade. My first crush was this blonde girl named Jessica, and that’s all I remember about her. From that early age I started developing a deep appreciation for feminimity and for both the pain and joy it brings to my life. I learned to really love women. Seriously, I love women to death now. I think they’re the most beautiful creations on the face of this planet, physically, mentally, spiritually. I am grateful for pickup; it showed me how to express my appreciation for such beauty without being a creeper lol.

My pledge brother was under the impression that I saw women as objects, and he brought it up when I was comparing pickup to a hobby that he liked to do, swimming.

I told him that, like pickup, the reason a swimmer would continue swimming after he had achieved all he wanted to achieve (mastering the discipline, winning trophies and competitions, etc.) would be because he simply loved to swim.

“OK, so if pickup is to women as swimming is to water, wouldn’t that mean you’re treating women as things?” he asked. By his logic, water is a thing, and according to that analogy, a woman would also be a thing.

I poured my heart out when I replied, connecting to that part of me that really felt a loving passion for the female half of our species, “No. Even though I’m not a swimmer, I can imagine that if I were a swimmer who was really passionate about swimming, I wouldn’t see water as a thing. I’d look out into the ocean and I wouldn’t just see WATER. I’d see a partner. Every droplet of water that touches my skin when I’m moving through that ocean would be a little taste of enlightenment. And I would feel on a gut-level that the ocean was actually HAPPY for me to swim in it.”



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