My open relationship

My open relationship

Among all the girls I’ve been seeing, there’s one who seemed to be more special to me than the rest in a way that made me feel more romantically connected to her. Earlier this week, I started an open relationship with her.

You all know the rules of that game. In an open relationship, both people are free to see other people when the boyfriend or girlfriend is not around. Sounds pretty awesome, right?

I’m not sure if I want to take advantage of this blessed situation I’m in by continuing to see and bone a bunch of other girls. Since I’ve actually got the freedom to see other girls while I’m dating this one, I don’t feel any pressure of being “tied down” or whatnot. So far I haven’t felt any inclination toward fucking other girls. Maybe I just have a problem with feeling not free, and I’ve found a special girl who lets me feel free.

It still feels rather strange to say “my girlfriend” since I’m so used to just playing around and living the awesome single life, but I’m sure it will start feeling alright eventually, right?


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  1. Just found your blog.

    My ex and I had an open relationship. It was weird, I never felt like fucking other girls – there was one, and that ended up as a threesome.

    Although me never fucking anyone else may also have to do with having no idea how to approach women. Found the PUA forum last week, enjoying it 🙂

  2. Wow thats funny because i am in the EXACT same situation as we speak! i feel almost exactly how you do. In fact i am going to be make a post about this soon!


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