There’s a keg at the house tonight and I’m going, but I’d like to take a minute to talk about how this underground pickup community is surfacing into the mainstream.

If you didn’t already know, ever since Neil Strauss (Style) released his best-selling novel The Game back in 2005 and Erik Von Markovik (Mystery) had that show “The Pickup Artist” on VH1 just last year or something, more and more people have become aware of this community. It isn’t so “underground” anymore.

Sure, I kinda miss the days when all this stuff was more secretive and all I knew was the C&F and Inner Game shit that David Deangelo preached, but these mainstream additions to the community have actually opened my eyes to more and different schools of pickup, and gave me the opportunity to expand my horizons.

I think Mystery and Style have done very good things for the world by letting more people know about this stuff. However, there have been unfortunate consequences.

A lot of PUAs complain that more girls or HBs call them out on canned material. “OMG you got that from that VH1 show!” …but that’s not what I’m talking about. That is NOT a bad thing. If a PUA hasn’t reached the level where he’s using his OWN authentic material, he’s just being a copy cat and isn’t really learning the real lessons. It’s a good thing that more people are recognizing this.

The unfortunate consequence that I think has taken place, however, is that the Mystery Method is currently the reigning “mainstream” method for pickup. Sure, I think the Mystery Method is a fun and legit Outer Game method to follow, but it really isn’t the best way to go about learning pickup… and it’s unfortunate to see so many newbies flocking to Mystery’s school of thought.

Why do I say this? I think the Mystery Method somewhat promotes being fake. I have nothing against Indirect Game, but to me the Mystery Method is mostly about acting like something that you’re not. It’s the method that involves mostly canned material and the idea of “fake it til you make it.” It’s useful as hell to learn, but not so great when you’ve fixated on learning ONLY the Mystery Method. There’s almost zero Inner Game development involved.

I think people should turn to the Mystery Method once they have already gotten their Inner Game and confidence honed from other schools such as David Deangelo, Carlos Xuma, Inner Game specific programs from Ross Jeffries, and even RSD. This whole “fake it til you make it” crap is going to mess up a lot of heads.

It IS a good thing, however, that the mainstream form of pickup has shifted to being a social development centered discipline rather than a hypnosis/NLP centered discipline. That Speed Seduction stuff is tricky shit, man. I’m learning from that school of thought because the psychology behind it is really interesting to me, but it really isn’t worth learning just for the sake of pickup.

I am personally planning on moving completely away from Mystery Method and taking up Gunwitch Method. It’s seems a lot more authentic and honest to me, and there’s almost no canned material involved.

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