How can Tennis Star Andy Murray help you to become a Master Pick Up Artist?

How can Tennis Star Andy Murray help you to become a Master Pick Up Artist?

Guest Post by Robert King from PUA Forum UK

Do you want to become the best at pick up you can possibly be? Would you like to give yourself the best chance of always having a great day or night of approaching women? I’m going to give you my top tips, so you will be able to do exactly that!

For every male performance based sport or profession a successful performer will have a set of habits that he will always execute. Over many years of practice he will have learnt that by always executing these habits it will give him the greatest chance to perform at his best. And by not sticking to these habits his performance will not be as good.

Let’s take tennis as an example. In the “off season” this is where most of the work is done for a tennis player. This is where they will be able to put together a vigorous five week fitness program. Andy Murray who just won Wimbledon 2013 is an example of someone who works REALLY hard in the off season. His fitness levels are second to none.
andy-murray-trophyHis training regime for 2012, consisted of brutal six hour days of training, this was the year before he won Wimbledon:-

A typical training day for Andy Murray

  • 20 minute run (in 80 degree heat)
  • 400m Repeats (running 400m, short  break, repeating this)
  • 90 minutes Bikram Yoga (in a 40 degree yoga studio)
  • 1 minute flat out VersaClimber repeats (30 times)
  • Deep Tissue Massage and Ice Bath

Although this was a typical day for Andy, you could also expect him to swap out the VersaClimber for weight lifting and other resistance based training in the gym on different days.

Preparation is Key

What Andy learnt from passed defeats and losses is that if he doesn’t train hard, then he won’t win.  This is the preparation he puts in before he even steps out on the tennis court.

He does Bikram Yoga because it helps improve his concentration and steadies his mind.  He wants a clear head for those 5 – 4, 30 / 30 games in the final set situations.  He wants his concentration to be strong for the whole match, even in blistering heat.  He has learnt over the years of not doing Bikram Yoga that when he does it he is better and has a higher chance of winning.

Andy Murray recently said that if he learnt that a certain habit would only improve his game by 0.001% he would still implement it no matter how hard it was.  In competitive sport the margins are very thin.

Andy Murray’s diet is also very strict; he knows exactly what his body needs to compete at the top level.  He has gained this information from personal trainers and his own experience of successes and loses.

Then it comes to the Tennis match.  Andy will warm up on the practice courts and also for a few minutes on the match court.  He will practice all of his shots, not just the shots he feels confident at.

Andy will have his electrolyte drinks already prepared for the match; each drink is slightly stronger than the previous one.  On his first serve he will bounce the ball a certain number of times.  On his second serve he will bounce the ball a different number of times.  This match routine has programmed his mind; it also buys him some recovery time from the previous point.

In between points Andy will swap his racket into his other hand (his non playing hand).  This will give his playing hand a break from holding the racket.  This ten second break between every point adds up to on average 40 minutes per match break for his playing hand.  This subtle tweak can make a big difference.

I’m not going to go into every habit that Andy Murray does because he hasn’t revealed them all.  But those listed are some of his main ones.

Now with regard to Pick up I will list some of the most important habits that you will want to implement to give you the best chance every night.

Pre – Approaching

  • Daily Meditation
  • PUA Exposure Therapy
  • Positive Pick Up Diary
  • Eat high carb, low fat before going out
  • Daily Running (to keep my standing heart beat low)
  • Weight Lifting (to keep my testosterone levels high)
  • Maintain a social lifestyle as much as possible

On the day of Approaching

  • Start being social as soon as you leave the house
  • Ask for several directions while you are on your way to the street or bar of choice
  • Approach as quickly as possible
  • Be Authentic immediately (tell the girl how you really feel)
  • Minimise time between each approach
  • Realise that it is about your overall day or night not each individual approach
  • If you can’t approach then do AA techniques to force yourself to do it
  • Be positive while talking to women and your friends
  • Make it fun! No Pressure!
  • Start being loud.
  • Force yourself to talk to groups of women for at least two minutes, even if they don’t appear interested. (If the women tell you to go away then obviously walk back to your friends or to a different part of the street)
  • Ask for a number / Facebook / kiss close, on every approach.

These are some of the habits that I always implement to guarantee that I have a great day or night.  It is important to also remember that being good at pick up is massively to do with momentum.  Getting out there regularly, a few times a week will make pick up a lot easier for you.  Remember how loneliness feels and force yourself to get out there and to give it a try!

Post in the comments section you favourite pick up habit that has really improve your game.

I’m looking forward to reading your comments and meeting you in person,

Peace n Love,

Robert (Kingy)

CEO and Lead Instructor at


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