Female Mind Mastery FULL REVIEW

Female Mind Mastery FULL REVIEW

Female Mind Mastery is the newest, biggest, and most epic seduction training program to hit the scene as of late. In fact, it just came out yesterday!

Since I’ve got plenty of friends in high places in the seduction industry, I got the chance to go through this product a couple days ago before its public release in order to write a fair review. After all, there needs to be someone to let everyone know if new overhyped courses are dumb scams by YAWBGs (yet-another-wanna-be-guru)!

Before I tell you my assessment of this program, let me tell you what my first impressions were.

If any non-PUA opens his or her mouth to spout some dating advice, I usually don’t expect to hear anything valuable. I’ve heard it all… and everything about dating and seduction has been systematized in my head through PUA knowledge and years and years of experience through the eyes of a pickup artist. When it comes to seduction, I know my shit, and so do other PUAs. All of the “outsiders” can’t even compete.

Or so I thought.

A little while ago, I heard through the grapevine that the guys and girls from 2 Girls Teach Sex were developing a comprehensive program about seduction. The coaches from 2 Girls Teach Sex are porn stars, so they know a shit ton about sex. However, when I heard about the new program I scoffed and thought, “Pfft! What would a porn star know about seduction that a pickup artist wouldn’t be able to explain 100 times better? Porn stars are just dumb sex workers who don’t have to seduce anyone in the first place!”

Still, I decided to give this program a shot because I heard that a lot of work went into making it. They also spent over $25,000 in production costs.

After a few days of laboriously going through this program, I must admit that I couldn’t even get through half of it yet.

This program is fucking HUGE!


I’m really jealous. This is the program I’ve always wanted to create myself.

I’ve always wanted to create a PUA program that covers every single detail in both inner game and outer game in plain English that addresses practically every single issue when it comes to picking up women, having sex with them, making them shudder with mind-blowing orgasms, making perfect girlfriends out of them, etc.

Female Mind Mastery is that program… and more.

Why Should I Listen to Porn Stars?

At first I thought it was a bad thing that non-PUAs were teaching seduction, but I was dead wrong.

Wrong. Just like that time I thought being a nice guy would get me the girl. WRONG!!

It turns out that porn stars are porn stars because they really love sex.

And they don’t just have sex on film for a paycheck. It turns out they’ve all had a lot of sex in their spare time just for fun (both the male and female porn stars)… a lot more than than any pickup artist, that’s for sure.

These guys and girls don’t try to make the process sound like some sort of nerdy video game, either. Like I said before, they explain everything in plain English for anyone to be able to listen to easily without feeling like they’re in some faggoty Nerd Revenge club.

I hate to bash on my own kind here, but after checking out Female Mind Mastery, I feel like porn stars are on a whole ‘nother level above the PUAs. Let’s face it, guys. We’re fucking weird. We call women “targets” and give them names like “HB8” like they’re some sort of product with a serial number. These rituals of objectification build an inherent block to connecting with the opposite sex. You would think that the porn industry objectifies women more than PUAs do, but all of the stuff in Female Mind Mastery seems super legit and respectful.

I say we should graduate from standard PUA mindsets to something much more awesome and effective. Female Mind Mastery might just be the key.

Sheer Amount of Content

Just try to get through all of the content they have in just one day. I dare you. And, if you can do it, I’ll give you ten bucks. But you can’t do it.

Remember that 4-day total-immersion Blueprint De-coded program from RSD? That was long as BALLS, wasn’t it?

I was going to make a joke about my dick, but forget it. It’s too long.

It was freakin’ long and just as great and awesome. It was a mind-boning journey into the deepest parts of the rabbit hole of pickup.

If RSD’s Blueprint is the moon, then Female Mind Mastery is the sun. It’s got just as much content but, instead of delving deeply into abstract concepts while taking you for a ride on a wild philosophical rollercoaster, Female Mind Mastery keeps everything solid in the practical real world.

Let me give you a quick preview of the content inside this course:

  • Building confidence and spreading it around
  • How to use confidence for successful living
  • The link between confidence and survival
  • How to avoid being over-confident and arrogant
  • Guiding her to be more confident
  • Insight into women’s emotions
  • How to deal with emotional outbursts
  • How to always stay in the conversation
  • Mind games that women play in public
  • Creating an “us” environment
  • Knowing when to make the first move
  • Initiation physical touch
  • How to use sexual anticipation to your advantage
  • When to go in for the kiss
  • Building sexual tension through kissing
  • Kissing techniques to drive her wild
  • What approach works best for going sexual
  • How to rapidly create sexual chemistry
  • How to rapidly build sexual intimacy
  • Guiding her to give you optimal oral
  • Positions that increase the chemistry
  • Techniques to amplify the sexual pleasure
  • How she wants penetration
  • Great angles for penetration
  • The importance of rhythm
  • Tricks to make her want you even more
  • Best tactics to bring in the element of sex
  • How to spice up your sex routine
  • Bringing fun and games into the bedroom
  • Creating a custom-made fantasy for your woman
  • Using technology to get her extremely aroused
  • The man’s role in a relationship
  • What women look for in a man
  • Keeping a good balance between sexy and comfort
  • Steering the relationship with your leadership
  • Maintaining a life plan to meet the right girl
  • Breaking the rules to add thrills
  • Building a relationship
  • How to ask her out on a first date
  • Creating the perfect date
  • Balancing your social circles with your romantic life
  • Secrets of mental stimulation
  • How to create arousing fantasies
  • Tricks to get her to come to you
  • Best ways to get her primed for sex
  • How to prime her for aggressive sex
  • Foreplay techniques that women love
  • Optimal positions for deep passionate sex
  • Secrets of total domination
  • Building intimacy with high levels of passion
  • Get out of the friend zone
  • Showing her your true sexual potential

That’s only a small fraction of what they’ve got inside. I don’t have the time to type out most of this stuff. Just check it out for yourself.

Female Mind Mastery also comes with an additional course called “Deep Impact” as well as exclusive membership to the Mind Mastery Club.

Mind Mastery Club

The Mind Mastery Club is even tons more content updated on a monthly basis. Here’s some of what you’ll see from just the first month alone:

  • Discovering your animalistic desires
  • How to ease your partner into aggressive sex
  • How to use domination to increase her orgasm
  • Getting her to orgasm rapidly
  • Using senses to heighten the sexual experience
  • The first steps to introduce aggressive sex
  • Coach Kirsten and Coach Ash show you how to assert your dominance from the moment you hit the sheets. Both coaches take turns showing you their favorite techniques that combine just the right amount of aggression with some soft touches. After all, they’re still delicate ladies, right? One and two hand restraint techniques, oral and manual stimulation, it’s all there in detail.

Deep Impact

I don’t even know where to begin with Deep Impact. It’s worth a million bucks on it’s own. You must see this. In it, you’re shown step by step the absolutely most impressive ways to rock a woman’s world in bed. It’s some earth-shattering orgasm level stuff.

Deep Impact deserves it’s own review. I’ll be writing it another day, so check back later!

Quality of Everything

When I said, “you’re shown step by step,” I meant you are literally shown everything. Everything they teach is demonstrated and absolutely nothing is censored. Nothing is left to the imagination. Oh, by the way this is 18+ only, so get out of here if you’re underage.

This whole program (Female Mind Mastery plus all of the bonuses) has it absolutely right. Half of it’s all about the seduction stuff while the other half is all about becoming a total sex god.

And that’s the way pickup education should be. Pickup normally teaches men to just be great sex salesmen, but oftentimes these salesmen have terrible products. Getting good at sex means improving the quality of the product you’re selling as a PUA.

Getting good at sex also increases your natural sexual confidence, which women can smell from a mile away. It’s incredibly attractive.

Did you know that women automatically assume that you’ve got a huge dick if you act sexually confident? My girlfriend told me this just last night while we were talking about attractive attitudes. Female Mind Mastery will not only give you the tools to seduce any hot woman, it will also give you genuine sexual confidence. You’ll have that “huge dick attitude” that women find attractive (according to my hot girlfriend).

I bet most of you stopped reading after just a couple paragraphs. I know it seems like I’m saying way too much, but there’s a lot more to this program I haven’t even begun to cover. Check out the free video below to learn 3 simple mind tricks to make women horny and wanting to sleep with you. This content is straight from the Female Mind Mastery Program:

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