Ask Chief: Cultural Stereotypes

Ask Chief: Cultural Stereotypes

Every now and then I get a really good question from a user on and I try to answer them to the best of my ability. Here’s a question about seduction in different countries. “Little Panda” asks:

Should you adapt to a culture you’re just being introduced to, according to the stereotypical way women’s mentality works? So for example, somebody visiting Korea might have heard that women are usually sexually repressed and therefore can’t handle the kind of game the person in question is playing.

Is it now better for the person to attempt changing his game, just so he can adapt to this ‘culture’ which is just a stereotype – or should stereotypes like as such not be taken too much in consideration?

Because every time I talk to my friends about visiting a certain country, they all seem to have an already established image/stereotype of the women there.

“Oh dude, you should totally not go there. Women are so much harder to game in country X than they are in country Y . . .” – Which generally annoys me because it all sounds like bullshit and I don’t believe you should adapt your game to a whole culture based on rumors/stereotypes, but rather the specific woman you’re gaming.

When I first came to Korea, I ignored cultural differences and just thought “game is game no matter where you go.” While that’s true to an extent, ignoring cultural differences is foolish.

I only got so far by trying to push forward with what I’ve always done. Korean girls already expected that I would be different from the Korean guys since I’m a foreigner, so I got a lot of leeway for my “unusual” behavior, but I was still hitting some roadblocks. For example, I think that using the same indirect game I used in America resulted in a ton of more pointless lost time and effort, so I adapted by being more direct.

If you want the best results, you have to adapt to your circumstances. With that said, however, I’d say that your friends are wrong to say that women are “harder” to game in a certain country compared to another country – the game is just different in some ways.

The thing that frustrates me the most about women in Korea is that they’re generally less sexually experienced and also generally more sexually conservative. That makes it more inconvenient for me when I’m trying to use some sexual framing and whatnot, but it still works as long as I approach it from a different angle. Sometimes, I still revert back to my default sexualization game here out of laziness and I feel like it’s “harder” to game in Korea, but that’s not necessarily true.

Even the cultural difference of Korean women being generally less sexually experienced than American women can be a non-issue if you change up your game a little bit, and in some ways it can make seduction even easier (yet still more difficult if I just did what I usually did in America). For example, if I play up the frame that I’m safely “guiding” her and showing her this whole new world of perverse freedom within a nonjudgmental bubble, it works better than if I’d try it on a more experienced American girl. In America, more often than not I treated women like sexual equals who can keep up with me in bed. That frame isn’t as relevant with the women I’ve met here in Korea, though.

It’s not so much the stereotypes you should concern yourself with, but the real cultural differences that PUAs in that country will tell you about. The average stereotype you hear around may be true or false when it comes down to it. Knowing which ones are true and which ones are false will also be very useful. Also keep in mind that actually believing in the wrong stereotypes will greatly hinder you like a limiting belief. You do, however, need to at least be aware of how the culture affects social scripts.

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  1. I’ve found that to be true in my travels through East Asia as well.

    The fundamental things that work with women still work, with some slight calibration adjustments.

    And yes, I’ve also encountered the haters who say “Oh, girls from country X are easier/harder than country Y because of (insert BS excuse here)!”

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