It’s fucking MARDI GRAS!!! Fat Tuesday!

Did I already mention how awesome this place is? I’ll say it again if I did: New Orleans is fucking awesome.


I have made myself a regular at this bar/club called the Dungeon. Every time I go there, I enjoy myself by having a good time on the dancefloor, talking to people, eating cherries soaked in everclear, etc. As a PUA, I’m not a shy guy at the bar. I’m loud when I want to be and I actually talk to strangers. Oh, and I’m an Asian guy.

Let me tell ya. My entire life I’ve been going against Asian stereotypes. You can’t blame me, give me a break. Asian guys are stereotypically shy nerds with no social skills. I could never really find a genuine desire within myself to align with such an identity. Fuck no, sir.

Asians in general are raised to focus primarily on academics and whatever’s related to making money stabily and successfully. That’s all that really matters in life for long term happiness, right? PSHHH. Every PUA and cold reader knows: Health, Wealth, and Relationships. Those are the three main categories in our lives that we need success in for happiness. Asians stereotypically sacrifice developments and potential success in Health and Relationships to focus primarily on Wealth. Fuck that shit. As a consequence, most Asian guys are completely socially inept, therefore having a sexless reputation.

Sure, sometimes I think things like “things would be a lot easier if I were white,” but I’ve never really let my race hold me back in anything. I do what I want to do. It’s probably because I started all this PUA stuff at a REALLY young age. I have pretty decent Inner Game and my limiting beliefs have been annihilated.

The fact of the matter is – most Asian guys lack confidence…immensely. And we all know that confidence is one of the most attractive qualities a PUA can convey. If it weren’t for me stumbling upon one of David Deangelo’s online ads years ago, I’d probably be in the same fucking pathetic boat.

I was watching a bunch of youtube videos the other night where people were talking about how you rarely see Asian guys with white chicks, how white guys “steal our Asian girls,” how Asian guys have a disadvantage in the American dating scene, etc. I had a hard time identifying with these guys, though. I get romantically involved with white girls all the time. It’s not an issue for me.

Limiting beliefs are silly.

Oh, I’d also like to give a shout out to JT aka AsianPlayboy and TokyoPUA. You guys are an inspiration to Asian PUAs everywhere. Hopefully I’ll be joining your ranks in the future.


EDIT: TokyoPUA is not Asian. >=(

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  1. Hey, I’m sitting here next to Asian Playboy and he says what’s up, and thanks for the shout out.

    I think we might have met at the SF Lair event APB and Myself spoke at earlier last month. Check out my blog at

    P.S. TokyoPUA is a white boy =)

  2. tokyopua is white??? damn. haha

    it’s an honor to have the socal lair leader comment here! looks like i should have given you a shout out, too, j-wolf. ive certainly heard good things about you.

  3. You’ve got to meet a few friends of mine. This guy I know, Ed, is an Asian natural.

    …’course, he’s only half Asian. And the Asian half is Japanese. But whatever.

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