An Easy Guide to Clothes Shopping

An Easy Guide to Clothes Shopping

This is a simple guide for men on how to shop smart when shopping for clothes. The goal of this guide is not seduction; the goal is to buy clothes that look good on you.

The most important prerequisite of this guide is to have an open mind about what you might want to wear. Don’t be afraid to try a new look.

The next most important prerequisite is money. The more you are willing to spend, the more clothes you’ll be able to buy. The last time I did this, I spent a little less than $100 and bought 2 shirts and a belt. And, needless to say, I was very satisfied with my purchases.

Step 1
Call a female friend who you think dresses well and ask her if she has a good sense of fashion. She will most likely say yes.

Step 2
Use the foot-in-the-door phenomenon (Yes Ladder) and ask her if she wants to go shopping with you to help pick out some new clothes.

Step 3
Pick her up from her place and go to the mall together. Ask her what stores she would recommend checking out. If you’ve got a budget, be sure to tell her. She’ll choose stores accordingly.

Step 4
This is the easiest part of all. You don’t really have to do anything at all. Your chick friend will go around picking clothes for you. To a man, this is hard, stressful work. To a woman, however, this is fun.

Step 5
Take as many clothes as you’re allowed into the fitting room and try them on one by one. Get opinions from your chick friend.

*Optional – To save time, ask your chick friend to come into the fitting room with you “as long as there’s no funny business.” Wink Dressing in front of a girl will help you overcome some sexual anxieties you may have. If you don’t have any, it’s good practice anyway. If you don’t bring her into the fitting room with you, you’ll have to walk in and out of the room every time you try on something new which is a pain in the ass.

Step 6
Buy the clothes that you and her think are the best ones for you. Then, do something nice for your friend as a thank you such as buying her lunch or dinner.

Step 7
Look better than you did before.


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