8 Ridiculous Things PUA Gurus Say That You Should NEVER Do

8 Ridiculous Things PUA Gurus Say That You Should NEVER Do

My buddy Richard runs PUA Training and he just released this great video of “8 Ridiculous Things PUA Gurus Say That You Should NEVER Do.”

Over the years I have slowly realized that he and I think very alike! I agree with pretty much all of his points, especially for guys like me and the kind of guys who follow me.

It’s no secret that I’ve been adamantly anti-negs, but you’ll find out through my Seductive Introvert program that I’m also pretty anti-DHV. When it comes to us introverts, using these ridiculous techniques like peacocking, the 3 second rule, and even storyelling overall just doesn’t jive with us.

Not a great storyteller? Maybe you shouldn’t be bothering with all that crap in the first place. Maybe you’re introverted, too! Find out how the greatest introverted PUAs go about doing things by checking out Seductive Introvert. Click here!

Interested in checking out more of my buddy Richard from PUA Training? Check out his masterpiece work, Stealth Attraction. Click here!


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  1. Nice post.

    Looking forward to future ones

  2. I really liked these too. I’ve *never* seen “peacocking” really work (for anything more than getting initial attention.) I liked what you said about just wearing clothes that are *interesting*. Another thing I’ve noticed is most guys wear clothes that don’t really fit. Easiest way to up your game — just get a wardrobe of nice clothes that fit well.

    Will definitely check out the introvert thing as well.

  3. I also agree with all of these points as well

    i will proudly admit i have NEVER followed the 3 second rule
    and AMOGing is one of the worst things you can do (unless she doesn’t know him of course)

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