Background: I have never flirted with this girl before. We just knew each other from work (we were ESL tutors at an after-school academy for kids) a long time ago. We barely ever spoke so we were not close in any way. Notice the flow of the conversation, where I take “risks” where you normally wouldn’t take, and how I make it feel like we’ve always been close even though we weren’t.


Mike: HBD!

Jennifer: thank you Mike!!

Mike: hows life

Jennifer: all fine~ im taking a break at the moment
gna travel to hk in two weeks 🙂

Mike: cool! and everything still peachy with nathan?
i havent talked to him in forever too

Jennifer: ohh broke up in august

Mike: see this is how little i know lol

Jennifer: lolz

Mike: i guess that means im allowed to flirt with you and tell u that ur pretty without consequence!

Jennifer: hahahaha thank you for the compliment

Mike: ur welcome

Jennifer:how are things going for u

Mike: just busy and missing korea
living in california is lame in comparison

Jennifer: :'( any plans for returning or visiting?

Mike: when i make enough money for such freedom then totally visiting!
then maybe i can find out if u have a not-shy party side lol

Jennifer: hahahahha I believe thats not gna happen unless I get super drunk

Mike: well then pick a drink and we’ll see what happens when u drink enough lol

Jennifer: I dont recognize ppl when im too drunk sry

Mike: LOL

Jennifer: even cried when nate tried to take me back home

Mike: as long as u dont look at me and say OMG NATE GO AWAY

Jennifer: hahahahahaha
Ill be plz call my bf I need to go home
even when I dont have one
you just need to pretend u called and say he said walk home
then Ill shut up and go hahaha

Mike: ill just pray to jesus and pretend u r …married to god or something

Jennifer: lol

Mike: funny story… no one told me about OUR PREVIOUS WORKPLACE‘s Christian affiliation before i started working there. didnt even know after i got interviewed and hired until the prayers at the meetings lol
pretty awkward when it was my turn…

Jennifer: yaa i had the manager make the prayers for me for the first two months
she was surprised when I told her Im not christian

Mike: are you anything?

Jennifer: Im a pretend catholic

Mike: LOL i was baptized too

Jennifer: me tooooo

Mike: whats ur baptized name

Jennifer: Agnes
sounds more girly when pronounced with korean accent

Mike: i dunno
even with the korean accent it sounds like

Jennifer: lolz
when i first went to canada I had no eng name and I just wrote my baptized name

Mike: well im sure u can guess what mine is lol

Jennifer: and I didnt know the spelling so I wrote anus

Mike: LOL

Jennifer: and my dad thought it was hilarious so he kept the name tag

Mike: im dying

Jennifer: cuz in korea they called me Anes

Mike: literally dying

Jennifer: lolz whats urs

Mike: sorry im dead

Jennifer: michael?

Mike: omg thats the seriously the funniest thing ive heard like this year

Jennifer: haha

Mike: but yes Michael lol

Jennifer: do u have a korean name?

Mike: well REDACTED sounds like REDACTED so thats what i tell people my korean name is lol

Jennifer: haha

Mike: but what are you doing/what did u do for your birthday

Jennifer: had a very family-friendly bday
shopping and eating

Mike: are you one those really good-girl really family oriented people

Jennifer: kinda forced to, in korea, yes

Mike: aww
very korean

Jennifer: :'( too korean I guess

Mike: i wonder how you would be if you were growing up in a freer society without being forced to be any which way
i guess ill make it my mission to find out

Jennifer: was so happy & free when I was in canada
ever since I moved to korea my personality just changed
and its already been more than 4 yrs
sigh. my van friends are like wth happened to u

Mike: wait what age to what age were u in canada again?

Jennifer: from beg of gr4-beg of 3rd yr uni
all school yrs basically

Mike: oh shit ur completely canadian

Jennifer: hahah used to

Mike: god being a woman in korea sucks

Jennifer: got rid of the EHs cuz teachers in OUR FORMER WORKPLACE kept making fun of me lol

Mike: LOL
i wish you would still “eh” so i can make fun of you too haha

Jennifer: puhahahah

Mike: ok next time we meet were gonna have a drink or 2…or 7…and i need to see your canada come out
EHs and all

Jennifer: sureee lets go

Mike: what is your favorite drink

Jennifer: god father

Mike: ….holy shit
i am speechless

Jennifer: cant drink much tho
but I still like the taste of it
last time kiana ordered 3 long island for me saying its a soda

Mike: i dont know what to believe anymore

Jennifer: and I couldnt even recognize jade
kept saying that girls dancing with another man

Mike: “cant drink too much” and “my favorite drink is godfather” whaaaaat

Jennifer: hahahaha 1 glass of godfather and pass out

Mike: like im trying to come up with an analogy like
oh i hate eating but i love buffets
but nothing works as well as what u already said

Jennifer: hahahahahahhaa
wow im sharing too much information

Mike: i love it
share more haha

Jennifer : lolz

Mike : but wow i dont know whether to be impressed or
just stay confused
you are a lot more interesting than i thought haha

Jennifer: nah
im just Austins teacher

Mike: that name sounds so familiar…

Jennifer: miss that kid so bad
the tall old one with weird accent
my 630 class thr two kids

Mike : lol do u really think i would remember!

Jennifer : :'(
how could u not

Mike : i dont give a damn about YOUR kids cuz mine are the only special ones haha

Jennifer: austin will be disappointed

Mike: my kids could beat your kids butts

Jennifer: :'( so sad

Mike: Roy will conquer them all

Jennifer: hahah

Mike: there were some of Jade’s kids that i was really fond of cuz they grew on me when i taught them for friday classes but im also having trouble remembering their names too…
but i think thats just cuz im generally not good with names

Jennifer: whats mine

Mike: Anus

Jennifer: wow

Mike: lolololololololol

Jennifer: lol

Mike: well i cant make fun of you for the EHs but this one is soooo much better

Jennifer: better or worse lol

Mike: but dont worry i wont call u that in public so no one will know the secret lol

Jennifer: hahahahha
THE secret
thank you for ur kindness sir

Mike: im very good at keeping secrets 😉
but i never lie
its a valuable combination of skills

Jennifer: dont understand but sounds appealing
should learn that skill from mike teacher

Mike: if u were my student that would probably be a very bad idea

Jennifer: would i fail teacher

Mike: only because you would make me think too many inappropriate thoughts

Jennifer: Im gna write all the ehs at the end of each sentence

Mike: doesnt help that you have a really really good fashion style too

Jennifer: realli

Mike: hm right i never told u
no reason to talk to u like that if u were 1. dating someone and 2. a coworker
yall doing workplace dating… usually not the best idea but ok lol

Jennifer: I agree

Mike: american (dunno if canadian too?) saying goes “dont shit where you eat” lol

Jennifer: lol

Mike: ive also heard “dont dip your pen in the company ink”

Jennifer: that Ive never heard of
what does it mean

Mike: basically “dont date/fuck your coworkers because that will lead to consequences”

Jennifer: oooh

Mike: so whyd u and nate break up anyway? u two seemed good together
if u dont mind me asking

Jennifer: were gd together but as any others do, we kept arguing over small stuff
and when we moved into my dads house I didnt like the way he behaved towards dad
maybe I was too korean in that way
he got a new job and was stressed at all times didnt wanna do anything but play comp games
I was getting pissed just watching tv all day long
im from canada
I need to skip around places and enjoy the nature lol

Mike: interesting that he moved into ur dads house
thats not a common occurance

Jennifer: my dads super openminded
hes like try everything bfore u die

Mike: cocaine is probably not a good thing to try…

Jennifer: and he thinks that the reason why korean divorce rate is so high is cuz they never lived together bfore they married
true no drugs
thatd be discouraged lolz

Mike: everything involving sex, yeah thatd be a good idea, but there’s loooots of things that arent worth trying at all haha

Jennifer: coming from ur own experiences sir?

Mike: well ive never fucked a dude so maybe not haha

Jennifer: geez
thats sad

Mike: because there are so many disappointed gay dudes i am not offering myself to?

Jennifer: hahahahah exactly

Mike: this salvadorian gay guy was hitting on me at the mall last week…
he called me “bonito”…
spoke to me entirely in spanish…

Jennifer: whats bonito

Mike: usually it’s “bonita” which means “pretty” but u put “o” at the end of words to describe something male and “a” to describe something female

Jennifer: aha

Mike: didnt help that i understood most of what he said since he was using very simple spanish lol
my dumbass just had to say that i knew a little spanish
he would have just walked away if i said that i knew none haha
but i didnt catch that he was hitting on me until it was too late

Jennifer: haha
thats still part of ur popularity
so dont be too sad

Mike: lol

Jennifer: better to have them than haters

Mike: doesnt really do anything for me though because im actually very introverted believe it or not

Jennifer: hm
hard to believe

Mike: and when i say stuff like “hey jennifer lets party woohoo” i really mean “lets sit down and just chat over some drinks” hahaha
OR “hey i have to bring as many people as i can to this party to help out this promoter so please add your name to this guest list” lol

Jennifer: thats the exact def of partying
no worries

Mike: nah like i dont even like it when there’s 3 or more people lol

Jennifer: oh realli haha

Mike: too distracting
i like to focus on like one person
that aint no party lol

Jennifer: private partaying

Mike: hey jennifer lets have a private party woohoo
but that sounds dirty 😉

Jennifer: hahahahah