You can run but you can’t hide

You can run but you can’t hide

…and running won’t even do you any good. It’ll only exhaust you.

I’m currently experiencing some domestic turbulence within my own household right now, and it’s reminding me of a very important life lesson. Try as you might, but you can’t fucking hide shit from the world, especially not from the people that are actually involved in your life.

Go ahead and try. Go ahead and go out in-field and say cocky and funny lines without actually having cockiness and humor as a part of your genuine personality. Go ahead and tell a story about saving your stripper ex-girlfriend from some chodes chasing her around when in reality you’re a virgin who’s never had a girlfriend. Go ahead and ask for a woman’s opinion on something without actually caring about what her opinion is. Go ahead and try lying to people like that, but you won’t succeed in convincing anyone of anything other than the absolute truth. Sure, once in a while you can TRICK someone into believing your lies, but somewhere down the road you’re running on, you’re going to trip and fall flat on your face… and who knows what kinds of debris will be on the ground of that road? The face you must show to the world may be forever scarred from glass and hot coals.

Pickup isn’t about tricking anyone into anything. It’s about becoming that awesome guy you’ve always envisioned yourself to be. You’ll be attracting women left and right because you’ll be expressing your genuine best self, not because you’re hiding behind a mask. You’ll be attracting as a result from giving that loving energy out to the world since you’ve got plenty of that feeling for yourself.

Being honest is a very scary thought, I know, but it isn’t so scary when you’ve hit that point of becoming proud of yourself for something inside you, and not for something you’ve done or anything else outside of you. Sure, it can still be scary at times, but then there’s that confidence that automatically comes with that pride of self-validation. Once you dive into the pool of honesty, it doesn’t seem so scary anymore.

Most people look at PUA methods like the Mystery Method or the Speed Seduction process and see that as an opportunity to manipulate others into thinking you’re something that you’re not. Fucking stop that. I look at PUA methods and see an opportunity to express my core intent in an artistic manner. Pickup is an opportunity to express what’s on the inside because that’s basically what any ART is. That’s what the “A” in PUA fucking stands for: Artist.

You’re not going to make it by faking it. You have to develop your mentality and lifestyle through discipline and hardcore life experience until you reach a point where you can see yourself as “beautiful on the inside,” as cheesy as that sounds. Only then can you really use Outer Game models in pickup to successfully pick up. Pick up yourself, your life, then pick up chicks. That’s when you’ll feel like you have some real control over your love life.

Hiding behind a mask is only going to give you a long laundry list of problems you’ve never imagined before. Let go of that ego and reveal your true self. Once you’ve done that, you’re fucking free to move in whatever direction of change you wish to go.


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