Make Women Approach You With Your Electric Gaze

Make Women Approach You With Your Electric Gaze

Do you know how to make eye contact in a way that makes both you and the woman feel electrified?

I just got this email from Dave from England, who’s been receiving my free PUA Starter Course after signing up with his email (you should do that, too, if you haven’t already!):

Hi Chief,

I am Dave from Stoke, England! I have been having a go at your missions & they have been really helpful. I’m not that bad with women, to be honest, but I feel like I have let some amazing ones walk by & decided I have to do something about it!

Last night I walked into a pub with my mate. I noticed this really fit bird sitting on a guy’s knee with her arms around him. I looked over & our eyes locked. I smiled & just sent thoughts into her head!

I felt like our gaze was electrified! She stood up & walked over & we spent the rest of the night dancing, kissing & hugging… unfortunately her friends dragged her off at the end of the night!

My mate was gobsmacked – he couldn’t believe I pulled her over just be looking at her! The guy she had been sitting on was a bit put out too haha.

I just want to thank you & please keep sending me the missions! She said she will be there next week but I’m not gonna worry about it. I’m out tonight & gonna see if I can do it again!

Cheers mate! You’re making a difference

Notice how Dave said that he was sending thoughts into her head. How can you do that just by looking at someone?

Like I explain in my free PUA Starter Course, the “mirror neurons” in our brains allow us to have a sort of sixth sense when it comes to connecting with others through empathy. It’s why emotions are contagious and how some people seem to just get each other without even having to exchange a single word.

Dave wasn’t literally sending thoughts into that woman’s head, but it’s really almost like that. If you’re in-tune with your emotions, the thoughts you have convert to a strong feeling. Dave was actually projecting a very strong and specific emotional state across the pub with just his gaze, and that’s definitely something a woman can pick up on.

Women are far superior to us men when it comes to emotional sensitivity. They’re far better able to intuitively understand a social situation instantly, and to just get what someone else is feeling. And, thanks to how our brains have evolved, the more we get how someone else is feeling, the more likely we are to actually start feeling that same emotion.

I go into more detail on how you can use this neural phenomenon to your advantage in my PUA Starter Course. Be sure to sign up with your email to receive:

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(Sorry, but this email course is no longer available. Please check out the First Date Blueprint instead.)

If you know how to use sexual state projection like I teach in my PUA Starter Course, you’ll be able to shoot thoughts and feelings straight into the empathy centers of women’s brains so that you, too, can have an electric gaze that draws women in like moths to a flame.

Just make sure you use these tools responsibly!


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