Why Feminism Is a Good Thing

Why Feminism Is a Good Thing

If you’ve been in the PUA community for a while, you’ve definitely heard some of the complaints about feminism being responsible for the emasculation of entire generations of supposed “men.” Most of us have complained about “feminazis” acting inappropriately self-righteous in some way or another. You can probably relate to several situations in which you have felt coerced into feeling guilt or shame simply for being born as a male. A lot of men both within and outside of the seduction community feel some sort of resentment for feminism. How should a pickup-artist think about it?

For the past several months, I’ve been living in a fairly remote part of South Korea. This country never had any significant feminist movements, and they never had a sexual revolution like we had in America in the 1920’s. I’ve also noticed how much harder it is to seduce women here!*

*Seoul, the capital, is a different story. People living in Seoul tend to be more modernized in their thinking.

My options are severely limited compared to when I lived in the US. When any given population has less sexual experience overall, there are several reasons as to why any given woman from said population would be less open to having a casual sexual encounter. Standard patriarchal traditions have been long-standing in most cultures of the world, and feminism has only challenged so many of them.

These “standard patriarchal traditions” that I speak of are those supposedly tried and true customs of avoiding premarital sex, avoiding situations in which you are alone with someone of the opposite sex, avoiding any expressions of sexuality, and basically anything that has to do with a woman being sexual. America predominantly used to be this way, too, before the Sexual Revolution. In order to have sex with someone, you must have been married to that person. These old traditions are patriarchal because they were designed in a way to imply ownership on women. Marrying a woman = ownership over her vagina. Fucking someone’s wife = a crime akin to thievery. The woman was something to be owned like a car or a trophy.

Feminism arose as a response to this. Feminists emphasized that women are human beings, rather than objects. This is true. Sure, some feminists went overboard by developing habits of degrading men in order to feel better about themselves, but the core principles behind feminism often involve SEXUAL EMPOWERMENT.

Men, you may initially think that empowering women sexually means that there is less of that power and choice for you, but don’t be fooled by such egotistical delusions. If a woman is “sexually empowered,” she feels more free to exercise her sexual nature rather than feeling constrained by the rigid rules of patriarchal society. This means she feels free to have premarital sex, casual sex, bisexual sex, kinky sex, sexy sex, and even regular sex. Imagine an entire society of women willing to have sex with other people (including you!), and actually acting on these desires. This is any society blessed with feminism. Thank you, white people.

Feminism makes pickup and seduction a hell of a lot easier. I am a feminist.

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  1. Sexual empowerment is a good thing 🙂 I’ve never really thought of anyone to ‘blame’ for whatever terrible skill level I had with women in the past. I’m a big believer in taking responsibility and proactively going after and making the necessary changes happen in your life to get what you want.

  2. Hi, I followed your link from OKCupid and I’m an anti-feminist.

    Feminism has improved the sexual marketplace for a minority of men and destroyed it for the majority. It has also destroyed monogamy and the nuclear family, institutions that our advanced Western society was built on.

    I blog about feminism, pick-up artistry, and the stupid shit people say on OKCupid.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s only like 10% of men who get laid in the new sexual market. A bunch of bad boys and PUAs who emulate them. I’m super successful careerwise and hot, but I get laid like once a year because I’m “too nice”, even when going on lots of dates with women who are happy to date, but nothing else. I don’t find this liberating at all, and would far prefer long term monogamy and loyalty and everything as it’s found in South Korea. Yes maybe sexual liberation is good for a PUA, but not good for most everyone else. Now currently I am trying to learn PUA so I can compete with all the other halfwit douchebags out there, and actually get a good lady to marry.

    Also a lot of feminists tend to blame guys. Really counterproductive. I don’t much approve of feminism at all.

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