Who else is endorsing Female Mind Mastery? Bigger names than me!

Who else is endorsing Female Mind Mastery? Bigger names than me!

David Wygant, Josh Pellicer, Carlos Xuma, Mike Fiore, Rob Judge, Brap P, DJ Fuji…

That’s just a short list of the big names that are endorsing Female Mind Mastery right now. They are, of course, bigger names than me in the pickup artist community. They are well-known and well-established brands that pickup artists recognize, and for good reason.

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If you’ve read any of my forum posts or if you’re a regular reader of my blog, then you probably trust me to deliver quality content. Hell, you’ve probably gotten laid just because of something I wrote on here. Or maybe you’re in a happy relationship with an amazing woman.

Well, these bigger guys have developed their reputation through doing what I do on a much, much bigger scale.

For starters, they based the movie “Hitch” off of David Wygant. He’s a goddamn giant.

And Brap P was once ranked as the world’s number one pickup artist somewhere (it may have been in Thundercat’s list or through a vote at a PUA summit, I don’t remember).

Why are all these well-known PUA household names endorsing Female Mind Mastery?

Find out by checking it out HERE.


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