This Can Kill A Relationship

This Can Kill A Relationship

I’m taking a class related to Economics these days, and the other day the professor said something to the class that immediately clicked with me.

I barely ever take notes since I’m an auditory learner, but I just had to write this one down:

The moment you’re satisfied with success, the next day you’ll find yourself on the streets.

Since the class is about strategic management, this was, of course, referring to businesses. The main point was that the number one priority of a business is to survive by staying ahead of the competition. If a business ever becomes complacent with their current standing in the market, a harder-working competitor is going to find a way to not only surpass it, but to completely replace it in the industry.

What my professor said really resonated with me because, in my current relationship, I’ve learned over and over again that becoming complacent – getting too comfortable and lazy – will negatively affect a relationship in several ways.

The moment we sit back and think with a complacent smirk on our faces, “I am satisfied with where I am in this relationship. I’ve got a hot girlfriend now so I can finally relax!” that’s when things start to fall apart.

It’s easy to blame women for not “letting” us relax, but in truth we are not being ourselves when we are not moving forward.

It is the nature of the universe for things to change, and as men we have a responsibility to continuously make things better. We need to continuously improve ourselves and everything else in our lives. On a higher level, we have a responsibility to make the world a better place. Becoming complacent with where we currently stand is to deny our masculine nature and destiny.

If we stop moving forward, the women in our lives lose respect for us and begin to foster contempt toward us because they feel betrayed. Until the point of complacency, they’ve seen us move forward with masculine drive. Through our progressive actions we promised them that we would be men that they could depend on. Denying our responsibility as men would be to regress back into the position of a boy. If we promise our partners that we would be men, but end up becoming boys, how do you think they would feel?

A relationship is like a business because they both need constant “market research,” so to speak, and continuous improvement.

Being replaced by harder-working competition in business also has its analogical manifestation in relationships. If you get complacent, your partner will start to notice that your competition looks more and more attractive, or that there must be others out there who will satisfy him or her better. The grass is always greener on the other side, after all.

The same applies to both men and women. Think about it – if your girlfriend started to relax and get lazy, what would you do? If she stops wearing makeup around you, that would be an example of her getting complacent on the outside. If she stops making a mental effort of appreciating the things you do for her, that would be an example of getting complacent on the inside. If she stops making a physical effort in bed by simply lying on the bed like a dead fish while you do all the work, that would be an example of her getting complacent with sex. How would you feel if this happened to you?

We should never allow ourselves to get comfortable. One of the main lessons from pickup artists is that you should constantly push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Just because you’ve “settled down” with someone in a long term relationship doesn’t mean you get to relax. You still need to do what it takes to make the relationship survive, just like how you need to constantly invest in R&D for your business so that it can survive in a competitive market.

Comfort kills.


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