The Shameless Casanova

The Shameless Casanova

During a conversation with one of my chick friends, she told me something that I found to be very telling about how many women probably feel these days:

“Sigh. Sadly, even when I TRY to have one night stands or sex just for sex, men get hardcore attached and want to claim me as only theirs. It’s annoying. What happened to the promiscuous, non-committing man?”

A lot of men nowadays have the impression that they should seek relationships and that their lustful desires for no-strings-attached sex are politically incorrect and would scare women away. Too many men have become ashamed of their real desires, repressing them to the point of self-deluded denial. “I’m only interested in being in a committed relationship. I’m not interested in just having sex. I’m above that.” BULLSHIT.

I would strongly argue that many many women would find it absolutely refreshing to be in the presence of a man who is shamelessly honest about his “shallow” desires.

Start paying more attention to what your penis is trying to tell you.


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  1. I agree completely. I see nothing wrong with *just*having*sex*. You don’t need to commit to anything except a night of awesome sex.

  2. Anonymous says:

    But in how many other ways must the guy qualify before shamelessness becomes a good thing?

  3. I only tried this with a friends girlfriend to try chat her up to meet some of her friends but I notice they sometimes want to do stuffs out of the ordinary

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