The Most Powerful Trance Word

The Most Powerful Trance Word

There are many complex verbal techniques that can be used as extremely impressive seduction tools in the hands of a NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) expert or hypnotist, but anyone who’s practiced old-school pickup methods (like me) can tell you that following the NLP-based seduction path has too great of an input-to-output ratio in a negative way. Simply put, it takes too much effort to learn and it produces too little results compared to the hours you put in learning this stuff.

It’s just not worth it. There are better and simpler ways to go about all this PUA stuff these days.

However, you can still pick up some neat tricks here and there from any and every school of thought that has existed in the pickup artist community. One of my favorite concepts from the NLP-based seduction world is the “trance word.”

A trance word is any word that a person uses regularly to communicate a certain emotional state. Urban Dictionary has a pretty good definition:

A word that someone has a subconscious past connection to, due to its power when it was first introduced to them.
Latoya: Bill, I like you, but I’m not sure if God approves. 
Bill: It’ll be fine! Our love is blessed! 
Latoya: Is it? You’re so sweet! Let’s get jiggy.
*Latoya, in this situation, has the trance word of “blessed” from her Christian raising.

The trick behind the use of trance words is to listen carefully to what words the other person regularly uses, and to throw that word right back at them in order to incite the strongest possible emotional understanding between the two of you.

This can prove to be a bit of a complicated process because you have to have a decent understanding of how NLP works in order to use it effectively. You have to know what to listen for and what sort of words to pick out.

I’m here to keep things simple and straightforward, so let me tell you what the most powerful trance word for everyone is. Check out this old forum post I wrote in 2008:

Trance words are used for many different purposes: trance hijacking, building rapport, establishing connection, getting greater access to someone’s subconscious, and more. Pick up on their trance words and feed it right back to them for your desired effect. You can do this by paying attention to which words they use most often so you can get an idea of how they think.

There’s one trance word that people generally don’t give you very regularly throughout a conversation, though, and it just so happens to be the most powerful trance word ever! Using this word will open more doors and establish more rapport than any other trance word out there. What is this magical word?

The most powerful trance word that people respond to is their own name.

They’ve been hearing this word their whole lives, and it’s anchored to what is most precious and dear to them: their own identity. Think about it. If your name is Bob, hearing “Fuck you” will have much less of an effect on you than hearing “Fuck you, Bob.” The same goes for “I love you” compared to “I love you, Bob.”

You can do just about anything with this awesome trance word. For example, saying their name with a positive (or seductive) tone while establishing kino will anchor better feelings to your touch.

Use your imagination and go wild.


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