The community is a real community =)

The community is a real community =)

It’s 5 AM and I just got in from an entire day, night, and I guess morning, of MARDI GRAS!!! Man, this shit is fucking FUN. This is actually my first ever Mardi Gras in New Orleans. I must say, it is an understatement to say that New Orleans is unique.

I spent the night out partying it up with both of my fellow New Orleans PUA lair leaders, a couple regular members, and three other PUAs that flew in from Pennsylvania for Mardi Gras. I experienced first-hand of how real this PUA community is. It’s like one big fat fraternity of men with common interests. We have the information age to thank for that. We could not be living in a better time. Now is the time when communication amongst like-minded individuals across the globe can most effectively get in touch with one another. It’s a wonderful thing, I must say.

This community is not full of socially inept computer nerds as one may imagine. These guys I met from soooo many miles away were legit cool guys. The community is full of so many different kinds of people but we’re all connected.

Some may say that tools like the internet just makes the world a smaller place with less to be discovered, taking away a sense of wonderment. No, dude… the more we discover, the more we realize how much more there is to discover. If nothing else, our horizons are broadened to the realization that there’s a lot more to explore than we ever thought possible. There’s an old saying that says something very similar to that, I swear.


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