Some good stuff!

Some good stuff!

This past Friday and Saturday was my first workshop right here in New Orleans! It sure was a blast and the people seemed to have learned a lot. I guess I better start advertising very soon for the NorCal workshop that’s coming up on January 2nd and 3rd.

I wasn’t able to take the boys out in-field on the second day after the Outer Game presentation because I had to attend my Fraternity’s Christmas party with my hot hot date. Fortunately my friend and fellow lair leader, Stormy, was able to take them out for sarging. I wonder how it went?

I swear I had the hottest date at the party and made people jealous. >:D
Fun times.

Along with being a site administrator for (now known as, I became a super moderator for Vin DiCarlo’s forum at so check it out. I believe that Vin DiCarlo is teaching some of the best material this community has to offer and I highly recommend his ebook, The Attraction Code.

Well, Finals are coming up. Boo. I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend like I did!
Rock on,

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