September Update

September Update

Hey everyone,

I know I haven’t posted anything in a long time, so I owe all of you an update as to what’s going on!

As for my personal life, I’m very happy in a great long term relationship. That being said, this experience has served to help me learn a lot more about the relationship between men and women in general on a whole new level. My LTR has not compromised my insight as a pickup instructor at all; it’s only made me wiser. The great depth I’ve been experiencing in this relationship combined with the breadth and diversity of scandalous experiences I’ve been so blessed to have had the opportunity to experience in the past has given me a rock-solid foundation of deep understanding of myself, of women, and of the human experience.

That’s really no excuse for how I’ve been neglecting my blog, though. There’s another reason why you may not have seen so much activity from me in a while.

I have been working tirelessly behind the scenes on something big. Later this month, you will all finally get a chance to taste my flavor of a professionally packaged downloadable pickup training program.

I’ve tried creating products before, but nothing suited my high standards before now.

After a decade of being in this whole pickup artist community, I have finally figured out the best way I can currently help my fellow man rise himself up from having absolutely nothing in terms of his love life to being able to be with the women of his dreams.

This program will not be for everyone, though.

You see, I like to help those who are really in need. I like to help those who were once in my shoes. I want to help those who think they have some sort of handicap when what they’ve truly got inside can actually help them be so powerfully seductive and attractive that it could just overwhelm them with a sense of accomplishment, fulfillment, and the bliss of complete satisfaction.

I’ve decided that I’m here to help out my fellow introverts.

This program will specifically be for introverted people who are sick of trying to force themselves to be something they’re not in order to adhere to the standards of mainstream pickup. The truth is, you can be introverted and still be a great pickup artist, but nobody fucking tells you that.

Keep an eye on my blog carefully this month. This shit’s gonna be big.

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  1. Thank chief, as a introverted person, i’m really really appreciated your hard work. I’m had really hard time to make a conversation with person who i don’t know due to my personality. Still stuck at your beginner mission in the PUA forum.

  2. Chief, that is exactly my problem. i feel like i force my self way too much to become an extroverted person, and in the end, i feel that women sense that.
    I wish to learn from you. I’m getting really really really tired of being the man I know that I am not supposed to be. I desire to be the man I truly know that i am supposed to be.

  3. NaturesFoulChild says:

    This is relevant to my interests.

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