Self-destruction is the magic bullet

Self-destruction is the magic bullet

Not all of the things that are taught in the PUA community are useful to everyone. Ungrounded affirmations, for example, do more harm than good for most.

Are you doing mental gymnastics in order to avoid the realization that you are going nowhere in order to avoid some sort of pain?

You might not be making your life any better right now. You know why?

You like making yourself comfortable. Even if you are in a bad spot, you prefer to settle with it and make yourself feel comfortable in it, rather than trying to move forward to make something better for yourself. It’s because, frankly, you know that changing like that would be very uncomfortable.

If you actually want to make your life better… if you want women in your life, if you want to move out of Mommy’s basement and get your own place, if you want to make your own money (and lots of it), if you want your own independence, and ultimately freedom…

You need motivation. And there is no greater motivation than discomfort.

The magic formula for motivation is to make yourself more uncomfortable than how much discomfort you know you’ll face when you are in the process of change. So, stop feeding yourself the lies that your ego is telling you. Admit that, right now, you’re a loser. Then, change.

That is the secret to success, and that is how you will be truly great. Now, go hit rock bottom.

Start out each night of sarging by intentionally getting yourself blown out.

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  1. Not convinced by the whole thing.

    Yes, you will progress by going sarging with the intent of being blown out.

    Why ? Because it makes you invulnerable to rejection. And because that way, you’ll push your techniques further than ever before, and you’ll see where it hits a wall.

    But going down for the purpose of being motivated…

    It’s not necessary. Learn PNL. Define your objectives. Define a strategy to get them. Make every day a new chance to learn something. Feedback or something.

    There are million ways to get motivation.
    Everyone doesn’t have to hit rock bottom.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t agree with this at all. At least, maybe not for all of us. I’ve known I was a loser for a long time. I’ve been trying to change that, but I seem to keep digging deeper with no rock bottom in sight. I went out sarging for the first time this week…today was my third day in a row of spending the entire day sarging and getting rejected. Its supposed to be practice, but it makes me feel shittier and shitter…

  3. Anonymous,

    “Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken.”

    You’re not letting go enough.

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