Review: 2 Girls Teach Sex (Pics!)

Review: 2 Girls Teach Sex (Pics!)

I’ve always believed that sexual mastery was a very important and often undervalued skill in pickup. Everyone in the seduction community is always talking about getting a girl into bed, but then a lot of guys end up having problems in the bed!

Sexual mastery is also a very important INNER GAME tool because, if you really know how to blow a woman’s mind in bed, you will:
1. reek of sexual confidence that women will be drawn to and…
2. actually be “high value” because you know that you are GIVING something to a woman by having sex with her instead of thinking that you are TAKING something. Those of you who have been in the community for at least a little while know what I’m talking about.

I decided to get my hands on the “2 Girls Teach Sex” course to see if it could actually take a guy who sucks in bed and transform him into a sex god…

To make a long story short… WOW. I’m thoroughly impressed.
This program packs a punch, to say the least.

It’s very condensed, and in a very good way. I was expecting a bunch of boring, complicated graphs and overly detailed explanations, but this program keeps everything as SIMPLE as possible. This means anyone can learn all of the things it teaches really easily just from watching the program ONE time.

And, instead of boring graphs and charts, they do live demonstrations of the techniques, positions, and concepts that they teach:

18+ only, of course. Yes, they do get naked.

Some of the things they taught were things I already knew, of course, since I’ve been having sex with a lot of women for a long time now. I put in countless nights (and days) of practice in the bedroom. However, even if you are not very sexually experienced, I bet this could make you just as good as I am in just a few nights… I really wish I had this program around the time I lost my virginity. I went through a lot of the problems they talk about (like performance anxiety) and I really went the long way to fix them. 2 Girls Teach Sex gives really useful shortcuts.

Even though I’m pretty damn experienced in the bedroom already, there were still some new things I learned, surprisingly! I can’t say I’ve ever felt like a sex god more than now… now that I know the “one finger orgasm” technique. More importantly, though, I was reminded of some sexual fundamentals that I just plain forgot.

They show plenty of more advanced techniques, too.

The “PAVE” system that they teach is very similar to Daniel Rose’s DEVI system in the Sex God Method, but with some minor differences. I actually prefer PAVE because it is simpler and easier to implement. While DEVI’s “Immersion” component is actually a little difficult to even understand, PAVE’s “presence” is really really simple once they explain it to you briefly.

One of the lessons that I really like that this program emphasizes is a “continuous flow of stimulation.” A lot of guys make the mistake of breaking the flow of the stimulation that they give to a woman during foreplay and sex, and this just ruins the experience for her sometimes. 2 Girls Teach Sex shows you exactly how to keep it flowing. Other really awesome things they teach are the 4 types of bad lovers, how to avoid being one of them, places to have sex other than the bedroom that turn ALL women on, and secret erogenous zones that make women beg for your cock if you stimulate them.

VERY easy instructions to follow.

For example, they show you exactly where specific erogenous zones are and what effect they have on the woman through live demonstrations on porn stars.

Watching this made me realize something. Women just WILL NOT tell you if you suck in bed. They don’t want to hurt your feelings. I’ve probably disappointed a lot of girls in the past, and they just pretended to be satisfied. You could be disappointing your current partner right now…

A lot of guys think that they’re good in bed, but the truth is… they just don’t know how much they really suck. More guys NEED to watch this. YOU need to watch this.

CLICK HERE to learn more.

I’m happy that an effective program like this exists. It’s going to make a lot of guys more confident and competent, and it’s going to make a LOT of women feel really great.


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