Why No PUA Has Perfect Game

Why No PUA Has Perfect Game

Today we have a guest post from an experienced PUA who goes by the name of “In$tinct.” He doesn’t have his own website or anything, but the wisdom he has to offer is still great! Enjoy. – Chief

Hello guys, it’s In$tinct here. Today I’m going to talk about something that PUAs don’t talk about. It is mistakes.

The other day I was on a forum and writing about a girl who rejected my kiss and then how things went later. Then I got some messages from guys like “How come she rejected your kiss? I thought you had tough game”. And here we can see a really troubling mindset of a recovering average frustrated chump. He is in the delusion that perfect game, and guaranteed success is possible. And this is a very bad mindset.

For an explanation, think about the game of chess. Who is the best player today? It’s Magnus Carlsen. A young Norwegian chess machine. I don’t like the guy because he is very arrogant, but he is beyond belief. There are beginners, amateurs, intermediates, all kinds of masters, grand masters, super grand masters, and then there is Magnus. The guy is just above a whole level compared to anyone.

Now do you think he never loses a game?

Of course not. He loses a lot of times. Because he is a human being who makes mistakes.

So is this with gaming. When you go out you commit different types of mistakes.

Some of these come from core issues, and some is only calibration problems.

Core issues like neediness. That will send a wrong vibe and results in a weak frame. This is what beginners’ games are like.

Then you hit a level where you can be your true confident self, and your ego is no longer limiting you. But you will still commit mistakes once in a while.

This is when you go too soon for the kiss. Or don’t notice anti-slut-defense and try pulling.

So how do you get rid of this second type of mistake?

In reality you can’t completely get rid of it. Once in a while it happens with everyone, what you can change is how often does it happen.

And there is no other way around this. You must go out on the field and practice. You can’t learn to calibrate otherwise. There is no shortcut.

A guy can have very tight game, and can be very confident too, but if he can’t calibrate then his success rates will probably not be better than any average chump’s.

As you practice, and get used to more and more situations, you will adapt to different patterns (chess players too get better this way. Our mind starts adapting to different patterns and motives, piece setups, pawn structure highlights, etc…)

And as a result the number of these mistakes will be reduced greatly.

Let this be a reminder. Mistakes are there for you to be able to always get better. Strive for perfect but never think “I’ve perfect game” or “I should already have perfect game.” Both of these mindsets would be counterproductive.



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  1. I would go a step further and say that real PUA’s have failed – and continue to fail – more often than regular men from a pure quantitative standpoint. And it is because of that failure that PUA’s have more success. See, to become a PUA you have to approach a lot of women – ugly and beautiful – and learn from the rejection. Learn how to calibrate. And that learning only comes from experience in the field, and a lot of that experience comes from failure. Having said that, PUA’s are more successful more often than not. But it doesn’t mean they never fail. Quite the opposite. But we don’t fear failure. We embrace…peace!

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