Chief’s Outer Game Guide (Part 2)

Chief’s Outer Game Guide (Part 2)

The following is a simplified, linear model of what I do. It is intended to build on my original Outer Game guide which is based on compliance and arousal.

1. Find or create an opportunity to get physically close.
2. Get physically close.
3. Find or create an opportunity to establish meaningful kino (holding hands, for example).
4. Hold her hands! Interlock fingers and play with her fingers and everything.
5. If she hasn’t rejected you so far, you can pretty much kiss her whenever you want.
6. Find or create an opportunity to isolate her at a place where you can have sex.
7. Isolate, isolate, isolate… if you have not done so already.
8. Let nature take over. Use a condom.

Most of the remotely useful stuff we learn in the Seduction Community is about finding or creating opportunities. If you can do that, you’ve pretty much got it made.

Attraction? Honestly, closing the physical distance and establishing meaningful kino can take care of a lot of that for you. Yes, 60YOC taught that, too.

Seduction is simple.


P.S. – I’ll be writing a more detailed post later about “finding or creating opportunities” in seduction, so be sure to check back soon!

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