Making her chase you?

Making her chase you?

Some guys like to “flip the script” by trying to make the girl chase them instead of showing direct interest. It might sound good in theory, but what’s going to happen when you actually try to get together with a girl who’s chasing you like mad? I’ll tell you what: she’s going to lose interest because she’s “caught” you and you’re no longer a challenge.

How many times have you had a girl absolutely crushing over you, only to make a complete 180 degree turn as soon as you decide to reciprocate some interest? One moment you’re stringing her along with cocky lines and feigned disinterest and she’s hounding you with delicious attention and affection. The next moment you think “She’s showing interest in me! I can now safely ask her out with no chance of getting my feelings hurt from rejection!” So you show some interest back and you ask her out. And she says “no” because now you’ve taken away the thrill of the chase.

Why do so many guys try to adapt this style of seduction into their game? Well, it sure as hell feeds your ego even if you aren’t actually getting anything out of it.

When it comes to the world of dating and seduction, more often than not you’re going to have to make a choice between your ego and actual success. Think about what guys normally do to boost their own egos, and how those actions affect the women they’re involved with. John goes around bragging about how he fucked Jane in the club bathroom last night; Jane feels betrayed, people end up calling her a slut, and other girls now know better than to do any dirty things with John! One of the biggest reasons I ask girls to keep everything between me and them a secret just between me and them is that the smarter girls know that they have to keep their reputations in check.

We all want to feel wanted and there’s no denying that. The fact of the matter is that some of us start using pickup techniques in hopes of just getting more attention from women regardless of other potential benefits like sex, romance, companionship, etc. In the end, though, would any of us be satisfied with just getting attention? If you get girls chasing you all the time, there’s no doubt that you’ll be disappointed when they run the other way as soon as you make yourself available to them. Spare yourself the pointless high school mind games and play the real game. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking the classically masculine role of being aggressive and chasing after what (who) you want. You might think that trying to make a girl chase you is a neat way to avoid that nasty “rejection” thing, but think again. The more you try to avoid risk, the less reward you’ll get. Risks are opportunities.


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  1. “Well, it sure as hell feeds your ego even if you aren’t actually getting anything out of it.”

    I’d say most styles of ‘Game’ tend to have this effect – guys can hide behind their egos whether they’re accomplishing something or not. After all, they’re ‘enlightened’ since they’ve been bestowed with the mystical knowledge of ‘Game.’

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