I’m Single Again!

I’m Single Again!

I just got out of the best relationship ever. It lasted a year and she was an amazing girlfriend, though I wasn’t exactly the best boyfriend. Our relationship ran its course, as all things do, and I will always remember it as a great experience with treasured memories.

So… I’m back in the game, guys and girls. Watch out, because I did NOT get rusty. 😉
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  1. Awesome… so I guess that means we could be expecting more blog posts from now on.

    Welcome back to singledom, the land where freedom is in abundance.

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  3. Hey, dude. Read your posts on a PUA forum; some pretty interesting stuff. Hope you update your blog more often this year; I’m in a similar situation, just a few weeks out of a relationship, so it’ll be fun to see how you progress ;).

  4. Some good and interesting stuff.
    Hope you update your blog soon.

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