I hate you.

I hate you.

“I hate you.”

“You’re such a blah blah blah who always does this this and this!”

*Insert more bitching here*

Sound familiar? I bet it does. If you’ve been romantically involved with enough women, this sort of situation will pop up every now and then.

Let’s say you’ve had sex with a woman more than just a couple times. She is your fuck buddy, a friend with benefits, or maybe even your girlfriend. Regardless of the type of relationship you have with her, there might be some bumps in the road where it seems like she’s attacking and/or criticizing you for one reason or another. Sometimes it’s a legitimate, logistical concern, but most of the time she’s actually telling you that she’s hurt or feels neglected.

If it ever seems like she is putting you at fault for something, there is absolutely no need to get defensive. As always, put your ego aside. Shift your focus on her. There is only one thing you need to ask her: “Are you OK?” Show her that you’re man enough to take the hits and still be thinking about her instead of being distracted by your own ego.

For a great example of this sort of dynamic, watch the movie “Spread” and look for the scene where the girl is bitching at the main character and throwing shit at him. His response? He pulls her into his arms, hugs and comforts her.

I know I’m totally ripping off of David Deida here, but I JUST went through this exact kind of drama so I figured I should post something about it!


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  1. wow i will defiantly keep that in mind

  2. Anonymous says:

    I guess I just don’t have a big ego. Recently, the girl told me to stop bothering her. Instead of getting mad, I said I am sorry, and I tried to make her happy.

    Also, when you start truly caring for someone, you naturally do this. Instead of being selfish, you start to actually care about the other person.

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