How to use your PUA powers for good

How to use your PUA powers for good

“Leave her better than you found her.”
Something we should all abide by!

Her facebook status said “is in a really terrible mood.” While AFCs were commenting with massage offers and the like, I hit her up on facebook chat, telling her “I’m here to make you feel wonderful.”

After a little small talk, I tell her to talk to me on AIM because facebook chat sucks moose nuts. It really does.

Chief: im tempted to ask what happened, but id rather ask you what your favorite ice cream flavor is
Chief: what is it
Girl: hahha
Chief: seriously
Girl: chocolate chip cookie dough with rainbow sprinkles
Chief: hm very nice
Chief: cone or cup?
Girl: cone
Chief: what kinda cone
Girl: waffle
Chief: wow going all out there huh
Girl: hahah most definitely
Girl: what about you?
Chief: so lets say youve got this juicy looking chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, 2 scoops, stuffed deliciously into a large waffle cone
Chief: the epitome of indulgence
Chief: its a hot summer day and youve got one your cutest spagetti strap top and big ol sunglasses that make ur face look smaller
Girl: lol
Chief: the sun’s heat is beating down on your brow, you break a sweat, BUT EVERYTHING IS OK
Chief: because youve got your delicious ice cream
Girl: of course
Chief: a little bit of it is starting to drip down
Chief: so ur face approaches the cone
Chief: and the anticipation for flavor excites your nerves
Chief: and so u take one lick…
Chief: and how does that flavor make u feel?
Girl: well, do i just get the vanilla part, the sprinkles part, or do i get some cookie dough?
Chief: a combination of sprinkles and vanilla for now
Chief: and bit a tiny bit of cookie dough flavor
Girl: pure bliss
Chief: and the experience of this delicious bliss can be quiote powerful, cant it?
Chief: quite*
Girl: very much so
Chief: in fact, it’s almost tangible, as if you can package this pure bliss in a little cute box with a bow
Girl: haha
Chief: open your hand, because that little box is in your hand right now
Chief: you got it there with u now?
Girl: yup, its right there
Chief: open it
Chief: see whats inside
Girl: oh! it’s tangible bliss!
Chief: its yours
Chief: its always been yours
Chief: but now u can feel it better than ever before
Girl: yup
Chief: there
Chief: i made u feel wonderful
Chief: that’ll be 29.95 thank you
Chief: lol jk
Girl: hahahahah
Girl: dayum
Girl: you should charge money for that
Chief: but u feel a lot better than before right
Girl: yup

After that conversation, her facebook status changed from “is in a really terrible mood” to “is allllllll better!!!!”

Leave her better than you found her.

Do a good deed with all that you’ve learned in pickup and expect nothing in return. This power you have is a gift that you can keep on giving

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  1. Condiment anchoring by aim ?… Fucking genious !

  2. Coldfire101 says:

    Quite amazing Chief!!!! This is some good stuff right here…

  3. Excellent work chief… I’ll be sure to keep this motto in mind in the future.

  4. lol, pretty good, but for some reason I kept thinking about this commercial from Old Spice (The Man Your Man Could Smell Like):

  5. It’s really cool how you cheered her up. But can you tell me what skills you actually used?

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