How to Know When “It’s On”

How to Know When “It’s On”

Imagine for a moment that you’re talking to a very attractive girl.

She’s exactly your type, and at that moment you feel like she’s the sexiest woman you’ve ever talked to.

The way she moves makes you melt. The way she bites her lip drives you wild. The way she looks at you makes your slacks a little tight. There is absolutely no doubt in your mind that you want her.

If you’re subscribed to my newsletter and have been through my free PUA Starter Course, you probably already know how to flirt with this girl and turn her on.

But how do you know if “it’s on?” There’s a difference between a girl being turned on and to say that “it’s on” between you and the girl.

At what point can you be sure that you can successfully escalate toward having sex with her without getting turned down?

You probably already know that, because of that “anti-slut defense” thing, a woman might not want to sleep with you even if you turn her on. What would her friends think? What if you get her pregnant? How would she feel about herself afterward? There are literally dozens of reasons for her to say NO even if she’s soaking wet with desire.

As a fairly reputable pickup artist, I’ve gotten to know a lot of other PUAs that many people consider masters of the art. Among these incredibly proficient seducers, one of them taught me something amazing that really simplifies things when it comes to figuring out if a girl is “DTF” or not.

I learned from my friend Chris that there is one simple test you can do to see if “it’s on” between you and the girl.

It’s called Mutual Hand Caressing.

While you’re flirting with a girl, you’re definitely going to be touching each other in various ways – you touch her arm while emphasizing a point, she playfully punches you while giggling when you tease her about something, you give her a high-five for saying or doing something you like, she excitedly hugs you for some reason or another, etc.

Mutual Hand Caressing, though, is one of these touching tricks that blasts past any and all uncertainty.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Let’s say you’re at a point where you’re holding her hand (If you don’t already know how to get to this point, check out my Outer Game Guide).
  2. While you’re holding her hand, start caressing it.
  3. If she reciprocates by caressing your hand back, it’s on!

Simple, right? It seems almost too simple to work… but it works every damn time.

As soon as I learned this incredibly simple yet profound little trick, I went out and tried it and I’ve been using it ever since. Needless to say, my “success rate” in getting laid skyrocketed.

You know what else really helped me out, though?

That same friend of mine, Chris, created an entire system chock full of simple concepts and even simpler tricks like these to almost literally put your seduction skills on autopilot.

If not being able to get laid quickly and efficiently has ever been an issue in your life, check out his system by clicking here and put your worries behind you.

Please contact me and let me know how things work out for you! I always love to hear life-changing stories.


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