Having standards

Having standards

A lot of guys in the community talk about “having standards” because it’s a good ideal to follow. However, not enough guys actually look past their lustful physical desires to really identify what they’re looking for in the women they seek to have in their lives. So, I actually sat down and wrote a list of qualities that I’d like to see in the women I get involved with.

I’m looking for a woman who is… (in no order of importance)
> Open-minded
> Adventurous
> Respectful of others
> Caring
> Unselfish
> Compassionate
> Passionate about something
> Feminine
> A little weird in some way
> Openly bisexual
> Likes music and dancing
> Self-aware
> Doesn’t hold grudges
> Allows herself to live in the moment
> Not a communist

That’s my list for now. It’ll probably change as I experience more of life. If you don’t have a list, why not make one? It’ll at least let you prove to yourself that you actually do have standards.


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  1. hey man, interesting post,

    have a look at my blog if you have the time, happy to exchange links if you want.

    best of luck with it

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  2. Hey, sure thing man. I’ll add your link right now. Thanks.

  3. Chief,
    I’d like your blog and you ideas. I’d like to exhange links with you on blog if you’re interested. I have a different twist to the PUA Game.

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  4. Hey, thanks for the comment. Sure thing, man. Adding your link right now.

  5. Anonymous says:

    i like this one… new to the blog but i will defiently be revisiting.. and i’ll be sure to have a profile next time

  6. Let’s pretend that you go around and test women based on those standards, and every girl fails meeting them. You have the choice between never getting laid again and changing your standards. What will you do?

    • Some people have unrealistic expectations of what they want in their lovers. Many women want a disney prince charming with perfect abs, a bottomless wallet, and mind-reading abilities, and speaks French. Many men want a skinny, natural blonde, sex-crazy virgin who is only attracted to them. Sometimes people have to admit that their expectations are ridiculous and must change their outlook.

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