Halloween Update

Halloween Update

Happy Halloween!

First of all, let me start off by apologizing. In my last update I promised to release my online training program within October, but that hasn’t happened! It sure has been taking me a while to develop this program, and I feel bad for those of you who were expecting it to be available this month. So, when I do finish and release it in November, I’ll include some nice bonuses.

In addition to the Seductive Introvert program, I’ve also been working on an ebook called Attraction Arsenal, and I was planning on selling it separately from the online training program. It’s going to be a pretty heavy manual on basically every attraction tool that only the best and most skilled pickup artists use. It’s like every attraction method rolled up in one book.

I was originally going to price it at somewhere around $50 (and believe me; it would have been very well worth it) but I owe you guys one, so I’ll just include it for free with a subscription to the upcoming Seductive Introvert training program that I’m making right now.

Honestly, I would have finished getting everything ready for launch if I hadn’t spent so much time playing the new Pokemon game that came out earlier this month. And also from spending so much time getting ready for Halloween and its many awesome parties.

I hope everyone had some great Halloween parties, too, and a great however-many-hours-left of Halloween.

You will all be seeing my new stuff REAL soon.


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  1. I am very much looking forward to your new material. Sounds great! Will read the Attraction Arsenal as soon as it is availiable.

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