Female Mind Mastery will CLOSE ITS DOORS

Female Mind Mastery will CLOSE ITS DOORS

Those of you on my mailing list probably already heard this bad news.

Female Mind Mastery will officially close its doors on the 18th of this month. THAT’S JUST A COUPLE OF DAYS FROM NOW. Everyone who gets in before the 18th will get to stay in but anyone who didn’t sign up by this date will be forced to KEEP OUT!

I don’t yet know exactly what time on the 18th they plan on shutting the door, locking it tight, and throwing away the key…

But I’ll be sure to keep you all in the loop.

This means you just have to sign up before the 18th or else you’ll miss out on all the invaluable material Female Mind Mastery has to offer.

It means the next guy will have a major advantage over you unless you GET IN ASAP.

Click here to sign up for Female Mind Mastery before it’s too late.

As you’ve seen this past several days, I’ve been promoting the shit out of Female Mind Mastery, and it’s because I want my readers to gain a real, competitive advantage over all of the other guys in their lives.

I know how to steal a girl from that buff-looking asshole buying everyone all those drinks at the bar. Do you? I want you to be able to do everything I can do and more.

I write about my own ideas all the time on here in order to give you my pickup powers, and every now and then I use my blog to promote other people’s ideas if they can help you get even better than me.

I’ve written a full, comprehensive review on Female Mind Mastery for you here.

I’ve even prepared a YouTube video here for those of you who can’t be bothered to read such a long review.

I’ve spilled the details to invaluable gems within Female Mind Mastery such as Deep Impact here.

All of that will mean NOTHING after the 18th, though.

If you’re still trying to decide whether or not Female Mind Mastery is for you, I highly recommend securing your spot first. There’s absolutely no risk involved for you.

Click here to go to Female Mind Mastery ASAP! You’re running out of time.

I hope you get in.


UPDATE (Wednesday): The supposed time they were going to close their doors was midnight on the night of the 18 (so technically the 19th, strictly speaking) but their representatives are asking around if they should extend it for one more day! I, of course, voted “yes.” We’ll see what the results will be tomorrow.

UPDATE 2: They will be officially closing on midnight, the night of the 18th (so still technically the 19th) Eastern time.

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  1. AuContraire says:

    “Running out of time”? “securing your spot”? “Befort it’s too late”? “anyone who didn’t sign up by this date will be forced to KEEP OUT”? “or else you’ll miss out”?

    On their advertisement video they talk about “only 1000 guys”

    Scarcity, anyone?

    I mean, come on! I’ve just finished the 3rd part of your pua key principles where you wrote – quite convincingly btw – about the importance of having an ABUNDANCE mentality!!!

    • I can definitely understand your frustration. And the “only 1000 guys” thing in the sales video, I suspect, is most likely bullshit. There’s always some element of scarcity in every one of these things.

      The thing about Female Mind Mastery closing on the 18th, though, is absolutely true. I didn’t even know that they were going to shut down the sign ups on the 18th until my friend who works for them told me just last night!

      As for thinking of these sorts of programs from a perspective of abundance, yes, there will always be more resources to learn great things from. Female Mind Mastery is full of tons of content, but it won’t be the only thing you can learn great things from. This specific brand, however, will literally be unavailable after the 18th. That’s not just scarcity mentality – that’s fact. It might not mean much to someone with a true abundance mentality about PUA programs, but to some people it just might be exactly what they’ve been looking for. That’s a personal decision to make and I’m just telling people what their real options are here. 🙂

  2. Honestly, just buy it. I did. You will be doing yourself a huge favor by doing so. Chief is right and I’ve never seen him push something like this so I believed. There is a money back program that is absolutley no confusion. You ask and they do it. The material in this program is laid out very well and you don’t have to be versed in PU to learn something from this. These are solid concepts brought to you in an easy format. Do not wait.

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