Female Mind Mastery Returns!

Female Mind Mastery Returns!

Great news, everyone! Female Mind Mastery has re-opened its doors for sign-ups earlier than I had anticipated. If you haven’t heard of this unique new program yet, you can head on over to http://chiefpua.com/female-mind-mastery to watch a free video to learn a little bit of what they have to offer.

Be sure to check out my other relevant posts about it to gain an insider’s perspective:

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3. A look inside “Deep Impact,” one of the program’s very impressive bonus courses

4. Some other big name pickup gurus that endorse Female Mind Mastery (I forgot to mention Vin DiCarlo and Bobby Rio, but they endorse it, too!)

Female Mind Mastery is a great investment for your dating life. The best part, aside from getting way more value from this program than you’d expect, is that it is completely risk free. It’s ridiculously easy to get a refund if you have any second thoughts about the program because this company has some of the best customer service I’ve seen in this industry. I dug deep to make sure I’m promoting something good; I have personally spoken with their representatives and established a good friendship with them in order to ensure that this is a quality program in every aspect imaginable.

As always, I wish you the best and I hope you get more than you ask for. 😉


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  1. So you really sold out? Sad to see this, used to really like you 2 years ago because of your posts and your anti bullshit rants. Now you support just anyone to get some cash going, not that there is a problem with that, but it sucks for the people who respected you.

    • John,

      I don’t support just anyone. I’ve actually been promoting 60 Years of Challenge’s products for years and years, for example. I would never promote anyone who’s products I don’t believe in.

      Let’s take Stealth Attraction as another example. You might think of Gambler as a heavy marketer and associating myself with him makes me a marketer who “sold out,” but in truth I actually met him and witnessed how awesome his shit really is. I’ve always and will always promote only what I judge to be good material. I am still anti-bullshit and always will be.

      I know that I probably lost some fans who are generally bitter about all the marketing in the pickup community, but I hope that those with clear vision can see that I’m just expanding myself to promote more of what’s good and of what can actually help people. I hope that you and others can eventually see that what I’m doing now is just the next step toward my ultimate goal of helping as many people as I can with the very best of what the pickup community has to offer with (ideally) zero bullshit.

      Female Mind Mastery just happens to be one of the most unique products out there in this industry and it offers things that no other PUA has ever offered before. Some of the information in it may be a bit too basic for most community people, but the impressive content within it more than makes up for it.

      I’ll soon be releasing my own ebook and online training program that purely has everything that I would promote, and I hope something like that will help you and others who “used to respect me” see my overall plan a bit better without letting these smaller marketing-related steps distract you.

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