Deep Impact

Deep Impact

I’ve never seen anything like Deep Impact before. In it, world-renowned porn star Marcus London takes you step by step through the process of absolutely wrecking (in a good way) a woman in bed.

I mentioned in my review of Female Mind Mastery that the Deep Impact videos were also available as a bonus in the Female Mind Mastery package, and that it alone was worth a million bucks by itself.

Well, let me tell you a little bit of the awesomeness that Deep Impact has to offer.

It starts off with the standard seminar-style informative lecture you’d expect from any sort of training program:


Let’s take a better look at these coaches without the “Coach Marcus” and “Coach Megan” labels on the screen for…um…educational reasons.


Very educational!


Anyway, the seminar goes through a lot of valuable information that – as we pickup artists would say – destroys limiting beliefs about sex. And it does this in a very easy-to-digest and understandable manner without getting into any weird PUA jargon.

It instills you with very useful mindsets and perspectives to lay the necessary foundation necessary to really show a woman a great time in bed. I know that might sound pretty boring, but it’s really really important.

Oh, and it gets really not boring really fast. Does this sound like something you’d like to learn how to do?


It gets even better. They don’t just talk the talk here. They walk the walk:


Both coaches, Marcus and Megan, actually talk you through the process while they’re getting down and dirty. It’s similar to the structure of the original 2 Girls Teach Sex program, except this time you can relate to it better from a man’s perspective.

They go through literally everything you need to know here, no holds barred.


Marcus London shows you exactly how you can use your cock, no matter your size, to bring out the wildest slutty side hiding deep inside any woman. It’s something that’s never been done before.

It’s really useful to see exactly how a man can make a woman cum in several various ways with detailed explanations given to you the entire time. You can read articles and books about sex all day but you’re never going to get as comprehensive of an education like they give you with Deep Impact and the rest of the Female Mind Mastery program.

I personally think Deep Impact is an amazing course with a lot more value than I can ever hope to describe in a single review, but I hope these screenshots I took gave you somewhat of a better idea!

You can check out Deep Impact and a whole lot more ass-kicking content from Female Mind Mastery by clicking here!


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