2 Rules You Must Follow When Complimenting Women

2 Rules You Must Follow When Complimenting Women

A lot of needy chumps put beautiful women up on top of a high pedestal and give them way too many compliments, showing their neediness and lack of balls. Many pickup artists observe this sort of beta-male behavior and say, “Don’t give compliments to a woman!”

Well, realistically, most PUAs say that men should give compliments sparingly, or they should just not give women compliments that have anything to do with physical appearance. They say that women get complimented on their looks all the time, so PUAs should stand out from the crowd by not complimenting on their looks.

After observing my own behavior, however, I noticed that I give looks-based compliments to women all the time! I realized that trying to avoid complimenting a woman’s looks altogether might be a pretty dumb idea.

The way that I give all these looks-based compliments, though, is very very very different from how the desperate, hesitant beta-males do it.

I might say “Wow, you’ve got a really great figure,” immediately after the first time I get the chance to see a woman’s full figure in a tight dress, or “Your legs look amazing today with what you’re wearing” might be the first thing I say to someone I bump into. I would even say, “Wow, did your boobs get bigger?” if I thought they got bigger.

And, like 99% of the things in pickup, it’s a matter of how I say these words, and not the words themselves.

The difference between the compliments I give and the ones that the needy beta-males give is that I’m giving confident compliments.

Giving compliments in a confident way is attractive! If you know how to give confident compliments, don’t be afraid to use them as much as you can!

What makes a “confident compliment?”

1. No Hesitation

For one thing, I don’t hesitate to give compliments at all. It’s like I’ve removed any filters in my head that would stop me from expressing an appreciation of beauty. As soon as the thought of me liking how someone looks enters my head, that same thought leaves my mouth immediately after.

Most guys have some sort of filter that slows down this process of expressiveness. They’re the same filters that give them approach anxiety and micro-avoidance. It’s the same kind of thing as being inhibited by your social conditioning.

2. No Expectations

Secondly, I’m simply expressing my appreciation of beauty for the sole purpose of expression. I’m not giving these compliments in order to get a reaction from the women I give them to. I’m expecting absolutely nothing in return for the compliment that I’m giving.

On the other hand, a lot of guys try to compliment women as a way to somehow get more attention from them. Ladies, you know exactly what I’m talking about, don’t you? You probably have dozens of guys complimenting you every day but it just feels like they’re trying to scam you into something, right?

So, those are essentially my two rules when it comes to complimenting a woman’s physical appearance in any way. Can you see how applying these two rules makes compliments completely casual, alpha, and not needy or desperate in any way?

I bet there are actually some more basic rules to follow when it comes to giving women looks-based compliments. If you think I missed any, be sure to let me know in the comments below!


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  1. I really like this! I give physical compliments all the time too. What I usually do is playfully blame the girl’s looks for whatever is happening in the present moment.

    It’s a combination of pacing and being in the present moment. When you’re pacing you’re not hesitating and you’re simply acknowledging what’s going on, and when you’re in the present moment it’s impossible to be outcome dependent because outcomes are not of the present moment.

    I’ll say something like “Excuse me but you’re cuteness is highly distracting and I haven’t seen my friend for 10 years. If you could at least tone it down just a little bit, that would be awesome.” Sometimes I’ll even leave the girls and go back to the person I was talking to LOL only to return later. 🙂

    But it breaks down into the two things you said: No hesitation, and no expectation.

    Still I think to follow the rule of 3’s is good.. no more than 3 of anything in a row.. in fact, 3 might even be too much.. so no more than 2 questions back to back in conversation, no more than 2 compliments in a short time period.. it just may get annoying with some girls.

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