Comfort Manipulation (Online, Text, and Phone Game)

Comfort Manipulation (Online, Text, and Phone Game)

Think you got the perfect text game? Phone game? ONLINE GAME?

Think again.

Every interaction you have with a woman is going to further establish a comfort zone for both you and her – especially her – within the frame of the interaction you make. The more you interact with her through a certain medium of communication, the more she’ll be accustomed to interacting with you through that very medium. On top of that, she’s going to feel less inclined to interact with you in any other way.

Now, what does this mean in plain English? It means if you keep talking to her through the internet, text, or phone call, she will NOT want to meet you face to face. The more you do it, the less she’ll want to meet you.

I know you’re scared. We’re all scared of something. I know that you’re scared of actually putting yourself out there and risking some real face to face rejection. If you get ignored online, you can take it and it’s no big deal. Well, you’re being a fucking pussy and you won’t get anywhere with that kind of scared attitude. You signed up to play this game and you should have known that this shit was for big boys. SBAP

Since the name of the game is seduction, interacting with women face to face is ideal because you can’t fuck an online username or a phone number. You don’t want to go and make her too comfortable with talking to you through just text. Manipulating this “text comfort” to your advantage is quite simple. All you have to do is limit the text-based communication between you and her as much as possible. Use it only for logistical purposes like arranging a face to face meetup. Don’t bother trying to create attraction or whatnot through a text or phone call because there’s actually more opportunities to fuck things up when the interaction isn’t face to face. She can take a “hello” over text message in a million different ways and you aren’t there to control the frame with body language, facial expressions, state transfer, etc. All other variables excluded, the chance that she’ll read your message in a bad way is just as high as the chance she’ll read it in the way you want her to.

You want her to feel the most comfortable interacting with you face to face. Open up and let her feel good when you’re face to face and make texts and online chats feel somewhat like a freeze-out. Phone calls are a gray area since voice tone comes into play, but play it safe and play the game when you can actually see and touch each other.

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  1. I completely agree with this.

    Nobody’s in it to interact with electronic devices.

  2. This is one of the false notions that women hole- “if I feel comfortable, that indicates safety.” I even get women who project that I am in the familiarity zone before anything even happens. That is retarded. I don’t care

  3. Anonymous says:

    You definately don’t like text game do you?

    I see where you are coming from with it, but I guess I have a thing for breaking in shy girls and I find texting a great way to show I’m interested in them to break down the shields.

    I’ve come to learn that when it comes to shy girls alot of “rules” need to be broken.

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