Buyer’s Remorse is Ridiculous

Buyer’s Remorse is Ridiculous

The very concept of Buyer’s Remorse is absolutely absurd.

In the context of sales, a customer gets what’s called “Buyer’s Remorse” when they regret making a purchase after they’ve realized that the product they bought falls short of their expectations. In PUA terminology, a woman supposedly gets Buyer’s Remorse if they regret sleeping with a guy.

The very fact that a guy actually put the concept of Buyer’s Remorse in PUA literature is an admittance of the self-belief that he falls short of women’s expectations. A so-called PUA thinks a woman will get Buyer’s Remorse after she sleeps with him because he actually sees himself as unworthy of sex, and he is trying to misuse seduction as a way to trick the woman into believing that he is of higher value than he perceives himself to be.

This is the classic case of the so-called PUA trying to validate himself by tricking others into believing something he doesn’t actually believe. He thinks that, maybe, eventually, he can feel better about himself if other people see him as higher value than he sees himself.

What a crock of utter bullshit.

The real-deal PUA believes that there would be no such “Buyer’s Remorse” because there’s nothing to regret after a woman sleeps with him. He knows that sex is a mutual and consensual act, and he absolutely knows what he’s doing in bed. He also knows that he is actually quite sexually desirable. Buyer’s Remorse just doesn’t make any sense at all to him.

What does it take to really believe this? Most guys reading this article will try to wrestle with cognitive dissonance by adding a “No Buyer’s Remorse rule” to their list of daily bullshit affirmations that continually deny what they truly feel about themselves. The wiser ones will actually focus on self-efficacy rather than the mainstream western view of self-esteem.

Buyer’s Remorse? What the hell is that? Get that crap out of my seduction community.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    well said boss

  2. Anonymous says:

    Buyer’s remorse is just bullshit that creates a psychological dependence on ‘MPUA’s material. It basically gives you the idea that you aren’t good enough to get sex and you ALWAYS need the guidance of PUAs. I think it just creates fear in ‘customers’ so they keep buying self help books, going to seminars, going to boot camps, burning holes in their pockets and the greedy fucks get more money.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I guess “The Buyer’s Remorse” usually occurs with people are just starting out PUA, and using it.

    So when they find the success, they start to realize that what they have been doing was wrong.

    Furthermore, the Buyer’s Remorse tends to occur with those who desires a long term relationship.

    But you are right, once you decide to get into PUA, you have decided to not feel such guilt.

    This is bullshit.

    THe purpose of PUA is to teach you to become a better person and have a better lifestyle, not to teach you to be a player.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Buyer’s Remorse is NOt for MPUA’s.

    MPUA’s Have Learned when they have passed the limit of no return, The girls Comfort Threshold. They Fully understand When its Time to Back off and When to keep going. They Understand Micro-Calibration and Social Conditioning.

    I agree Buyer’s Remorse is to some degree a Limiting onLy if the PUA allows himself to Believe that he is not worthy.

    I Think Buyer’s Remorse is something every Newbie Should Experience once and Know about for the sake of future pickups.

    Other than that Buyer’s Remorse is useless to a REAL PUA that understands the GAME. DOn’t Hate the PLayer, Hate The GaMe!

  5. Anonymous says:
    buyer’s remorse is when she likes you at the first and then after you actualy go with her at a date ; she is starting to change her opinion about you

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