Attraction is BULLSHIT

Attraction is BULLSHIT

She and I take taxis to bounce to different bars until we find one that’s actually open. It’s fucking late. During our taxi adventure and our time at this late-night bar, I run all of my best material… but kino escalation is slow and dragging. I eventually end up sitting with my arm around her at the bar, talking to her with our faces very close. By this time I had already done some NLP, I elicited her values, bullshitted some playful palm reading, wrote and drew all over her hands, anchored her core values to me, demonstrated plenty of value, cold read like it was going out of style, exposed vulnerabilities, elicited her vulnerabilities, push-pulled, etc… but apparently NOTHING WAS FUCKING WORKING. I email-closed and number-closed her, but is that really game? Not at this point.

In our rapport building I learned that she broke up with her ex-boyfriend two months ago and she was still hung up about it. She still had a picture of him and her for her cell-phone wallpaper. Sure, I inspired her to change the picture with my routines that have to do with living in the moment, but I still could not kiss-close. I persisted and did the whole 1-step-back then 2-steps-forward thing, but I still could not kiss-close. Nothing was working. I might as well have been talking to a plant.

This is from a Field Report I wrote in 2008 titled “FR: I might as well have been talking to a plant”

This FR was essentially the spark that started the forest fire; it was the beginning of my realization of something BIG.

I didn’t immediately realize it at the time, but after that night the thoughts just sat there growing and growing at the back of my mind. At the time of writing of that FR, I had already spent nearly 5 years studying everything that the mainstream PUA community had to offer: Mystery, Style, Ross Jeffries, David Deangelo, Mehow, Hypnotica, Steve P, Carlos Xuma, Gambler, and many, many more. I can’t tell you how, but I got my hands on all of the best material from all those gurus.

When it came to attraction, I knew how to do it all. I could tell custom DHV stories, I could microcalibrate to preserve high value, I could cold read like a pro, I could elicit values, I could anchor positive feelings, I could AMOG, I could be C&F, I could push/pull, I could expose vulnerabilities to establish deeper trust while still preserving value… I had a full deck of cards up my sleeve, figuratively speaking. Figuratively? Fuck, I even learned how to read Tarot cards! Needless to say, I could play the game and I could do it damn well… or so I thought.

It took my dumb ass a long time to notice a pattern from all the experiences I’ve had with women. Things finally clicked when I shifted my focus from the attraction = value school of thought to the attraction = sexual tension/arousal school of thought.

What did I realize about all those attraction techniques like DHVing and cold reading that I listed above? Well, I realized that…


I also realized that the things that actually mattered, or the things that actually had any sort of direct relevance to seduction, were very few in number. None of that shit taught by mainstream pickup about attraction actually mattered – they’re just there to distract us from simplicity.

Those mainstream techniques tend NOT to address creating sexual tension. Unfortunately, what PUAs should be focusing on is the very sexual tension that DHVs don’t address. We’re seduced into believing that these attraction techniques will create this “attraction” thing we can barely define, and in the end that attraction is supposed to generate sexual tension on its own somehow, right? Come on! What the fuck! This sounds more like religion than science to me.

What’s even worse is that you had the mainstreams teachers telling you that you needed to have mastered their entire system to be a PUA (they called this “solid game”), and to just ignore the one night stands you get when you didn’t run your entire routine stack because they are “fool’s mate.” Please don’t tell me how you can’t see how ridiculous that is.

Fortunately for me, I eventually found “gurus” that taught the shit that actually had anything to do with actually getting laid. I’ve heard them referred to as “the sexual tension guys” by some community members. Unfortunately for the community, though, these sexual tension guys – like Gunwitch and 60 Years of Challenge – are NOT mainstream. In fact, those two names are probably THE most mainstream of the sexual tension guys. Ever heard of Aaron Sleazy? No? Yeah, I know. Hey, it’s not your fault that these guys never had their own reality show. Fuck you, VH1.

The good news is that even some of the mainstream guys are starting to wise up. Gambler teaches a lot of sexual tension stuff now, and even the MM and MM-related companies are starting to upgrade their shit thanks to the threat of losing business. Those MM guys will probably never admit that most of their material is bullshit, though, and the bullshit will still always be there in the mainstream to distract you from simplicity.

If you ever find yourself getting nowhere with a girl after running routine after routine, technique after technique, that’s when you might start to see what I’ve seen. There’s a reason why I barely ever use the word “attraction” anymore. On the other hand, if you have consistently gotten great results from using that shit, awesome. However, consider the possibility that you’re getting laid not because of the attraction techniques, but because you’re creating sexual tension someway, somehow. Then, get rid of everything that has nothing to do with creating that sexual tension and start focusing on the shit that directly addresses sexual tension and escalation; you’ll get the same fucking results – perhaps even better results – and you’ll save a shit ton of time and effort.

That FR I wrote in 2008 was the beginning of my awakening, like starting to wake up under that half-sleep-half-conscious state. The final slap in the face that got me fully alert was probably 60 Years of Challenge. Yeah, I know this damn thing sounds like a fucking advertisement now but I’m not trying to make it like that. Sorry if I did.


PS Check out my previous blog post if you’re curious about that 60 Years of Challenge guy.

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  1. Now I gotta check out the 60 year challenge too. Never heard of it until now.

  2. I m glad you are steping back fron typical PU methods.

    Mark is also doing this with

  3. How would you adapt it to day game?

  4. Changing up game is critical to succeeding nowadays- imitation is suicide and girls are becoming more and more used to the regular routines that guys run.

  5. What do you think of Igor Ledochowski?

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