A Whole New World!

A Whole New World!



Sometimes, this song plays in my head whenever a Korean girl who has lived within the constraints of conservative Confucianism her whole life is touched by the seductive magic of my comparatively uninhibited and wild ways of living. I feel like Aladdin taking a trapped princess on a magic carpet ride of fun that no traditional Korean man can ever take her on. This song is so hilariously fitting that I think I’ll just learn how to sing this song and belt it out loud whenever I meet a girl who’s never been outside of this country before… if I can find a magic carpet or something functionally similar.

The proudest achievement of any sort of artist would be showing someone their world in an aesthetic manner that inspires. A pickup artist, of course, is no exception to this nature of artistry. Every seduction is a work of art that should aim to inspire in some way; that is what separates the pickup artist from the frustrated playboy who desperately seeks happiness and meaning between the legs of countless women who cannot fill the hole left in his heart by some childhood rejection. The artist seeks to give while the player seeks to take.

You have to understand that women all around the world – not just those living in more conservative cultures – live under unjust constraints to restrict them from expressing themselves sexually and fully. This is even truer in places like Korea where even college-age women are expected to return home to mommy and daddy by dinnertime lest they face harsh scoldings. Even so, we shouldn’t lose sight of the double standards like the Madonna/whore complex that exist nearly everywhere. Being a woman anywhere can’t be all that different from being Princess Jasmine, locked away in her castle every day, shielded from all the influences of the big bad world out there.

I’ve met some women in Korea who seemed to genuinely prefer their safe prison of conservative culture. That is to say, I’ve still never met any woman who wasn’t a religious fanatic who genuinely wanted to save her virginity for marriage, but there are still those who comfortably allow their fear of social judgment to dictate their sex lives in some way or another. A lot of women, however, carry a deep and natural resentment for the oppressive forces that society has given them from birth. These are the women who really rightly want a magic penis-I-mean-CARPET ride. They are sick and tired of never having been truly free to live “dangerously.” Sometimes, they feel sick and tired of SOMETHING but they don’t even realize what it is they are sick and tired of.

Seduction is a magic carpet ride because you’re giving the woman a chance to see this whole new world of freedom that you, as a man, has had the privilege of living in your whole life. Because you were born with a penis, no one’s going to resentfully call you a slut just because people found out that you had sex with a random person. No one’s going to resentfully call you a cold-hearted ice queen when people notice that you DON’T have sex. You’ve got the freedom to do whatever the hell you want sexually without ever having a taste of the frigid judgment from society that women get for even having the “wrong” thoughts.

Notice how Aladdin enticed her into getting on the magic carpet with just a few, simple words that didn’t really promise too much and seemed to have very little consequence. Notice how Aladdin and Jasmine are sharing this magical experience together with no other audience to see them. The gradual escalation of seduction, discretion, and ultimately inspiration is what makes this song seem so much like me, an American PUA, seducing a Korean woman, or any woman for that matter.

Seduction is an opportunity for a woman to have some private space to just be herself. It’s a chance she rarely ever gets, especially if she comes from a more conservative background. In order for a woman to be able to feel this way with you, you need to be expressively nonjudgmental, unquestionably discreet, and naturally sexual. Only then will you be able to show her this whole new world. lol


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  1. you just put a whole new light on that song, i will never hear it the same now

  2. I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised to see this “man as a liberator” idea come up in your blog. What’s interesting though is that instead of being sexist, you’re almost being honest. I wonder if men reading this find your information new and useful or if this is something all men have always known. I have a question, though. What is the purpose of this sexual enlightenment you speak of? Are you ultimately trying to have your needs met or is it about the woman as well?

    • Almost being honest? I’d like to say that I’m being completely honest! 😉

      Seduction is something one party, man or woman, can do to another party, again man or woman to meet their own needs while fulfilling the other party’s needs at the same time. To put it in non-artistic terms, it’s not very different from selling a good product to a customer for a fair price. Sure, sometimes you have some bad apples abusing the system by selling shit products or overcharging, so some people have negative attitudes toward the free market and seduction, but the principle of the sales pitch or the seduction is generally a good thing. In terms of “sexual enlightenment,” it can be as simple or as deep as you want it to be. It can be as simple as just realizing that good, consequence-free sex is good and morally justified or even something greater like the new-agey stuff by David Deida or the Zen ideas by Philip Toshio Sudo. In the end it’s mostly about getting rid of the negative, unnatural labels people attach to premarital sex.

  3. Hey! I’m in Korea and I’m trying to meet Korean chicks, but PUA is mainly from a western point of view.

    What are some of the major difference when doing day-game in Korea than say the US? What should I keep in mind when walking up to them and initiating contact and wanting their number? Any differences with first dates and stuff?


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