A New Direction

A New Direction

I’ve come to realize something about myself.

I am not a sex addict. Not even close.
I’ve taken the past few days to take a break from girls and dating and pickup in order to give myself a chance to do some self-reflection.
In all my years of doing this whole pickup artist thing, there have certainly been times where I used girls for sex just to feel good, and they’ve used me the same ways and for the same reasons, too. I don’t like that shit; I guess I never have liked that. The Buddha teaches to not use people, and for good reason. Humans should be treated like humans.
There have also been times where girls and I felt a genuine connection, and we used sex as an expression of what we felt for each other. This is good. I like that shit. I didn’t even get into pickup just for sex. Hell, I was just 14 years old at the time. All I wanted was an escape from loneliness.
There’s a lesson I’ve learned more than once: I enjoy sex a lot more if I wait a little while, and I enjoy it less if we have sex quickly and without a real connection. I now know why this is the case.
I’m freeing myself from the dehumanization of counting lays and viewing women as a means to achieve pleasure. Instead, I’ll do what Zan Perrion does. Out of any pickup guru the Seduction Community has to offer, he is the one that you can truly call a “lover,” at least from what I’ve learned from him.
Women are beautiful and absolutely wonderful; I really appreciate everything they offer in my life and I am not going to let myself treat them as anything less than human. So, I will no longer seduce them just for the sake of the seduction. I won’t go for a lay for the sake of the lay. I’ll just seduce them if I really like them.
I guess that means I’m at where I wanted to be all along with all this pickup stuff. Awesome.
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  1. After you can ‘lay’ on a regular basis, then it’s an option to hold out. But early in the game, I say get the counts!

  2. I agree with PUA Vault.

  3. Conuting lays just focus your mind on the wrong thing.

    Your goal should be to get better, not to sleep with a ton of girls.

    Yeah I know i know, that’s the whole point. But if you just focus on developing ur skills, all that will come naturally.

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